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Eternal General Purpose Vinyl

Eternal design vinyl sheet

Experience Eternal vinyl sheet. Every moment of the day.
This vinyl sheet collection has been created to work across a wide variety of application areas. The varied palette of colours and designs offers the possibility to create any desired atmosphere in every space. For every moment of the day Eternal offers the ideal solution: at work, school and in the gym. A floor where your feet feel connected, even if you are far away.

  • Eternal design vinyl sheet
  • Eternal design vinyl sheet
  • Eternal design vinyl sheet
  • Eternal design vinyl sheet
  • Eternal design vinyl sheet
  • Eternal design vinyl sheet

About Eternal

About Eternal

Eternal is a high quality heterogeneous sheet vinyl floor covering that fits all general purpose needs in various segments and applications, every moment of the day. It creates better environments in which to work, live, interact, relax, heal, learn and play. Forbo Flooring Systems introduces three different Eternal structures: Colour, Material and Wood . These can be perfectly combined or standalone.

The Eternal collection has a proven track record of delivering reliable and beautiful solutions. We can guarantee you:
- Trust in Design
- Trust in Performance
- Trust in Sustainability

Trust in Design
Our in-house team of expert designers created the most realistic designs to meet the highest aesthetical standards in any project.

Trust in Performance
As a result of the balanced construction and calandered backing, Eternal products ensure lowest possible residual indentation.

Trust in Sustainability
The Eternal products are Phthalate free, low in emissions, GreenTag Level A certified and easy to clean. During the production we reuse material for the backing and due to the balanced construction and functional layers.

Eternal Material 10032 & Eternal Colour 45132


Trust in Design

The Eternal collection of Forbo contains unique designs which are developed in house with Forbo’s own design signature. The collection has designs with enhanced embossing textures that ensure an authentic look. The Eternal Wood and Material floorings have a large pattern repeat of 1,50 m which creates even a more natural look. All Eternal items are designed to mix and match within the collection.

Realistic designs
The most realistic Wood and Material designs, created to deliver stylish aesthetics in any project.

Wide choice of flooring structures and colours
A wide choice of items with high and low LRV values make it easy to find the required contrast with the wall.

PUR finish
PUR Pearl is not just easy to clean and very resistant but also creates a matt, natural look. Further, PUR Wood and Concrete have been tested to be as easy to clean as PUR Pearl, but add extra authenticity to the design.

Eternal Wood 10842 & Eternal Wood 10852 & Eternal Colour 40562


Trust in Performance

Especially in business environments, with many people walking over it, flooring performance is essential. The performance of a floor depends on different components, both internal and external. We are focusing on the quality of our Eternal product and give you advice about dealing with external factors dust or cleaning materials. There are several reasons to distinguish the quality of our Eternal products from other vinyl floorings.

Eternal products have a calendared backing for lowest residual indentation: an advantage in areas where furniture is moved around. Our average value of 0.02mm is the best in the market. The embossing of the backing gives better adhesion to the subfloor. Thanks to the balanced construction there is no curl and together this guarantees a floor which stays nice and flat.

PUR lacquer
A strong but flexible lacquer is applied before embossing for a consistent performance across the width. Improved double protection lacquer application makes the surface even stronger, without negative impact on performance characteristics.

High quality glass fleece
High quality glass fleece for excellent dimensional stability. Glass fleece is double impregnated to lay the foundation for the superior dimensional stability and decrease the potential for lamination.

Pigmented top layer
Eternal Colour has a pigmented top layer for higher colour intensity and optimal light fastness.

Eternal Material 13002 & Eternal Wood 13952


Trust in Sustainability

Forbo Flooring Systems wants to create better environments by producing flooring solutions in the most sustainable way as possible. Our research and development team is constantly searching for ways to improve the sustainability of our products. Eternal heterogeneous vinyl floorings have multiple characteristics to contribute to a better living and working environment.

Phthalate free
Phthalates are industrial chemicals added to plastics to increase their flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity. Phthalates can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system according to animal studies. Our Eternal flooring solutions (and other vinyl floorings) are 100% Phthalate free.

Low emission
Low emission level compared to other heterogeneous vinyl products: TVOC value of < 20µg/m³, while ≤ 1000µg/m³ is required.

Re-used material
At least 50% re-used material in the backing of Eternal floorings. This means that all production waste is put to good use again.

Easy to clean
The combination of the lacquer and Pearl embossing is proven to be easy to clean. PUR Pearl keeps the product looking good for years. The clean Wood and Concrete are specifically designed to enhance appearance without an impact on cleanability. This reduces the need for chemical cleaning and increases the floor’s lifespan.

For more information about how we Create Better Environments click here


Technical Specification

Eternal Technical Specification image


Freedom in colour

Within the Eternal collection, there are 4 designs which can be customised on request.

The playful signature designs Colourful Planks, Terrazzo, Paint and Rainbow can add colour to your project, so use your imagination and create your own bespoke Eternal product to fit with your interior and specific requirements. The end result is a product that is as reliable and performs as well as any Eternal product, but especially made for you!

Details for ordering and the process to make your own Eternal floor are available on It is easy to do and even for smaller areas or as a highlight in your project we can make it for you!

Eternal Colour 45132



Eternal General Purpose Installation