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ec plus

Colorex EC Plus is Ideal for quick installation and renovation of sensitive areas such as laboratories, IT-rooms and cleanrooms . Colorex EC Plus satisfies the strictest requirements for particle release behaviour, helping to reduce any threat of contamination.

Reducing the generation of electrostatic charges is the main purpose of control measures in ESD protected areas (EPA). In such areas like electronics assembly, mechatronics and datacenters the right floor covering plays a crucial role. It does not only drain electrostatic charges from personnel and equipment, but it also reduces the generation of charges there where they occur, at the interface between the shoe soles and the floor.


Colorex EC Plus

Technical & Environmental

Technical specifications

Installation, cleaning and Maintenance

Installation, cleaning and maintenance

We have several installation documents available for download:

Forbo Colorex SD/EC Installation guide
Forbo Colorex Plus installation guide
Forbo Colorex SD/EC & Colorex EC Plus Floor Care
Forbo Colorex R11 Plus Floor Care
Forbo Colorex Restoration Factsheet
Forbo Colorex Plus Tile Replacement Guide

You can also view our YouTube guides:

Colorex Plus – Installation
Colorex Plus - Covings and Corners

Document download centre
Forbo has a wide variety of promotional and technical documentation available, including technical specifications and environmental datasheets. All documents can be found by clicking on the following link Download Center

Surface damage such as burns, excessive wear or discoloration from colouring chemicals can be removed by sanding with a conventional eccentric sander. Use a sand paper grade of 80 to start with and thereafter grades of up to 240. After sanding, the surface can be restored to its original quality and appearance by dry polishing with a red pad.
Download the Colorex cleaning care and maintenance guide here Forbo Colorex care and maintenance

The repairable surface
Deep scratches, holes, burns or other surface damage can be easily and effectively repaired, without leaving any visible trace or affecting the original characteristics of the floor. This genuine, 100% repairable surface is unique to Colorex and something that no other flooring system can promise.
Download our restoration leaflet here Forbo Colorex restoration leaflet

Forbo Colorex repairable surface


NBS specifications are available for Colorex


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