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Project Vinyl

Download our handy Adhesive Guide

For full details on all Eurocol adhesives, sealers, primers and subfloor leveling products suitable for use with Forbo floor coverings please visit the Eurocol website:forbo euocol


Installation guide downloads

  • Eternal
    Installation guide

  • Step safety vinyl Installation Guide

    Surestep & Safestep
    Installation guide

  • Sphera Homogeneous Vinyl  Installation Guidance note

    Installation guide


540 Eurosafe Special

Solvent-free floor covering adhesive with a high initial grab for the installation of PVC floor covering in sheets and tiles, cushion vinyl, PVC backed carpet, rubber floor covering in sheets and tiles with a smooth back and polyolefin floor covering. Solvent-free, non-flammable, easy and safe to apply, high initial adhesion strength and final bond strength, favourable spreading capacity, roller-castor-chair resistant.

Suitable for:
• Step
• Eternal
• Sphera
• Sarlon

Article reference: 540
SAP nr: 29403
Package: 10 l. (13 kg)
Spreading capacity: 0-350 g/m², depending on the back of the floor covering
Trowel: (V1) 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm “V” notch

540 Eurosafe Special MSDS
540 Eurosafe Special Technical specification


640 Eurostar Special

Very low VOC-emission floor covering adhesive with a high initial grab for the installation of sheet and tile PVC floor coverings. Emicode EC1, solvent-free, multi-purpose application, easy and safe to apply, favourable spreading capacity, high initial and final bond strength, roller-castor-chair resistant.

Article reference:640
Order Unit:10 l. (12 kg)
Coverageup to 53m²


Subfloor / Underlay

Document downloads

  • QuickFit Technical Specification

    Technical specification

  • Sarlibase T.E technical specification

    Sarlibase T.E
    Technical specification

  • Sarlibase Acoustic Technical specification

    Sarlibase Acoustique
    Technical specification

Subloor & underlay

Forbo QuickFit Panels

The Forbo Quickfit system comprises self-adhering MDF panels and damp-proof sound insulating Forbo foam.

Forbo Quickfit offers: A rapid, smooth finish. Quick and easy installation. No visible subfloor seams. Excellent moisture barrier. Easily removable. Improved impact sound insulation in combination with Forbo Foam (Δ Lw= 23 dB according to NEN-EN-ISO 140-8 and 717-2).

Note: Forbo QuickFit panels must be used with the Forbo foam

SAP nr:60696
Spreading capacity:3.6 m² per pack, 36 m² per pallet

QuickFit Material safety datasheet


Forbo Foam

Polypropylene foam laminated with metallised polypropylene foil. The foil top layer incorporates a self-adhesive overlap of 20 cm for secure seams.

SAP nr:64799
Package:Roll of 25 linear metres PE foam, 100 cm wide, 4.5 mm thick.



Welding Rods


After installation, Forbo's vinyl floorings can be hot-welded for functional, decorative or hygienic reasons. Vinylweld is available in plain colours that perfectly suit the vinyl flooring collections.

SAP nr: 50621
Package: 1 roll = 50 lm
Colours: multiple

  • Forbo Vinylweld MSDS


  • Sphera Homogeneous Vinyl WELD CHART

    Weld chart

Cleaning & Maintenance

cleaning & maintenance guides:

  • Sphera cleaning & maintenance

    Cleaning & Maintenance guide

  • Surestep Cleaning & Maintenance

    Cleaning & Maintenance guide

  • Safestep Cleaning & Maintenance

    Cleaning & Maintenance guide

  • Eternal Cleaning and Maintenance

    Cleaning & Maintenance guide

Protect newly laid floors

Use Entrance Systems
Keep your floor and premises looking clean & presentable with proper entrance flooring.

Forbo Coral reduces cleaning time by up to 65% and can stop up to 95% of dirt and moisture from entering a building. Whether it be a single classroom or large multi-purpose building, Coral can help extend your internal floors life and reduce cleaning costs.


Coral 2016

Cleaning agent

818 Monel cleaning detergent

Monel, based on natural components, offers a practical protection film and perfect cleaning properties in one product. Monel method: apply Monel film using Monel solution and mop, allow floor to dry.

Article reference: 818
SAP nr: 29643/29641
Package: 12 x 1L

Monel 818 MSDS

Monel 1L bottle

General Advice

As with all newly installed floor coverings, Forbo’s vinyl should be protected from heavy traffic, particularly high point load wheeled traffic, for 72 hours and must not be washed for 48 hours after installation.

Cleaning detergent
Forbo recommends using neutral detergent (pH 7) such as Forbo's Monel which also works as an excellent overall appearance retainer.

Note: Avoid the use of highly alkaline products (pH >10).
Products, such as strippers and heavy-duty cleaners, can be harmful to people, to the environment and/or to the finish or even to the flooring itself. Do not take the risk; safe and good alternatives are available for every necessary action. Forbo FloorCare products all fall within a safe pH-range, for other brands consult the supplier.


Cleaning & Maintenance video

Cleaning & Maintenance video

Cleaning & maintenance video