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Loose lay & Fast installation

Fast Flooring Sheet

Forbo's new Modul'up adhesive free vinyl sheet collection is a ground-breaking floor covering. the product is suitable for both new build and for renovation applications in health care facilities , schools and offices as well as residential buildings.

The Modul'up vinyl sheet collection heralds a technological innovation as a "lay-flat, stay flat" floor covering solution that does not require any adhesive. As such it reduces the amount of material and energy used for a flooring installation and ensures that the product can be recovered easily and safely at the end of itd service life.

In addition, the usual constraints associated with adhesives are removed, such as drying times and lingering odours.

  • Fast Flooring Sheet
  • Fast Flooring Sheet
  • Fast Flooring Sheet


Modul'up - An Award Winning Product

Our new Modul'up adhesive free sheet vinyl was the proud winner of the 2018 Building Better Healthcare's Interior Building Product award at this year's ceremony in November.

The judges commented on Modul'up, mentioning: "This is very innovative and does exactly what it says on the tin. They have turned the product around in a very-quick timescale and we believe it will be a game changer and should be widely adopted."

Modul'up has also won the Product Innovation Award at this year's Healthcare Estates IHEEM Awards 2019.

IHEEM Awards

Contractor Benefits

Adhesive Free! Hassle Free! Stress Free!

Adhesive Free! - thanks to the Modul'up unique single sided tape system
• Installed using our unique single sided tape along just the sheet joins, no need to even perimeter tape!
• No setting or drying times
• No need to use heavy rollers on site - just standard installation tools and Modul'up jointing tape required
• Floor is ready for immediate use after installation

Hassle Free! - quick and easy installation
• No specific subfloor preparation in most cases
• No dust, mess or odours
• Installation times significantly reduced compared to glued down installation
• Potential savings on future renovations as no costly subfloor preparation required on removal
• Modul'up T.E. designed specifically for use on damp subfloors with up to 97% RH

Stress Free! - lay flat, stay flat technology means no rucking, rolling or curling
• Can be immediately recycled as no adhesive residue on back of the material
• No landfill costs
• Subfloor is left clean and sound for repeat installation

Watch the Modul'up Installation Video

Modul'up tape removal

The Modul'up System

The Modul'up System

Our unique Double Structural Stabilisation System - DSx3, which incorporates two layers of fibre glass fleece within the construction, ensures that the Modul'up sheets will not curl, ruck or roll once installed with the Modul’up tape system.

This unique single sided tape system ensures the product joins stay tightly in place once installed, making it a truly ‘lay flat, stay flat’ flooring solution in every sense.

The innovative Modul’up tape system works by being fitted underneath the joints between the sheets. The non-slip surface on one side ensures the product stays in place without sticking to the sub-floor, while the adhesive side adheres to the vinyl to keep it firmly in place. There is no need to perimeter tape the room or door thresholds either, delivering further time and cost savings.

Available in a 19dB high traffic Decibel version for underfoot comfort and enhanced impact sound reduction, a Compact intensive traffic version for applications where rolling loads are part of the use of the building, and T.E. for subfloors with up to 97% RH.

4330573 Modul'up Cement Clay


Modul'up Brochure

If you would like to read more about Modul'Up, go to our online Modul'up Brochure

Modul'up Fast Flooring sheet

Why Choose Modul'up?

Why Choose Modul'up?

Modul'up adhesive free sheet vinyl is an innovative floor covering concept with a commitment to the future.

The quick and easy installation of Modul'up (including it's removal) makes the collection a flexible choice for both renovation and new build projects and offers a competitive advantage to all parties concerned.

Modul'up is available in 3 high performance constructions: Decibel (19dB), Compact, and T.E. for subfloors with up to 97% RH floor covering, offering ease of installation for the installer and a durable performance for the end-user.

As no adhesive is used, the floor is ready for occupation immediately after installation of the floor; there is no waiting or drying time.

Modul'up can be effortlessly removed after its long and useful service life and prepared for recycling, creating value throughout the product's life cycle.

Offering a palette of 20 colours, spanning beautiful natural oak woods with realistic embossing to elegant stone and concrete effects, alongside brighter colour choices ideal for education environments, Modul'up delivers an unrivaled choice of design in adhesive free vinyls.

Modul'up resin cobalt 4330767/43C30767

Where to Use Modul'up?

Where to Use Modul'up?

Modul'up is capable of withstanding all types of wear and tear with its "lay flat, stay flat" technology and its enhanced indentation resistance, and is suitable for both new build and for renovation applications in health care facilities, schools, offices and well as residential buildings.

Decibel 19dB high traffic acoustic version
Delivering underfoot comfort and enhanced impact sound reduction, the Decibel version is ideally suited for communal areas of multi-unit housing, education buildings, care homes, offices and public buildings.

Compact intensive traffic version
Ideally suited for health care institutions, care homes, education facilities and public buildings where, in addition to high foot traffic, occasional rolling loads are part of the use of the building.

T.E. for damp subfloors
A quick and easy to install solution for damp subfloors with up to 97% RH. Featuring our Aquablock back layer embossing, Modul'up T.E. allows the subfloor to breathe and moisture to dissipate.

Modul'up resin saffron