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Marmoleum sport flooring

Marmoleum Sport is a multi-purpose sports floor covering, installed as a surface on a flexible structure, that fulfils the latest European sport flooring standards. The durable linoleum sports floors are mainly made from natural raw materials and produced in a CO2 neutral way.
Marmoleum Sport is available in 11 contemporary colours with a soft marbled structure.

  • Marmoleum sport flooring
  • Marmoleum sport flooring
  • Marmoleum sport flooring
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    Marmoleum Sport

    Marmoleum Sport

    The 13 colours from our Marmoleum Sport flooring have been designed based on colour patterns commonly applied in sports halls. The colours can be combined to add accented shapes in the floor and they are dirt concealing.

About Marmoleum Sport

Fit for purpose

Marmoleum Sport is a multi-purpose sports floor covering, installed as a surface on a flexible structure, which can be used in all kinds of sports facilities. All colours are available in a thickness of 3.2 and 4.0 mm. Marmoleum Sport easily overcomes all hurdles and meets all requirements of the European EN 14904 and the German DIN V 18032-2 standard.

Reduce the risk of injuries
Floor coverings in sports and multi-purpose halls need to fulfill safety and sport functional features. A sports floor with Marmoleum Sport as a top layer reduces the risk of injuries, muscle fatigue and overstressing. The top layer guarantees optimal performance in terms of anti-slip and glide.

Suitable for heavy loads & traffic
Whether it’s handball, basketball, athletics or gymnastics, Marmoleum Sport handles it all. In combination with the right subfloor, the floor will not be affected by heavy loads or heavy sports equipment. Even festivities like dancing will leave this floor unimpressed: street shoes, cigarettes, drinks - Marmoleum Sport can deal with it.

Long lasting performance
The extreme durability of Marmoleum flooring guarantees top performance even after years of intensive use. The excellent cleaning and maintenance properties ensure that the floor will look good for many years.

A visual champion
The Marmoleum Sport collection provides 11 contemporary colours with a soft marbled structure. The collection offers a mix of neutral and bright colours that can be combined to add accented shapes in the floor.

Marmoleum Sport


The number 1 choice

Marmoleum Sport offers:

High level sports flooring performance
• Flexible and elastic floor covering
• Multi-purpose (in combination with the appropriate subfloor system)
• Slip resistant
• Durable
• Insensitive to friction heat
• Warm to touch
• Flame retardant
• Suitable for underfloor heating
• Cigarette burn resistant

Unique sports floor offer
• Available in both 3.2 and 4.0 mm thickness
• Wide range of colours that can be combined

Natural and hygienic flooring
• Made from natural raw materials
• Hygienic
• Bacteriostatic
• Sustainable

Marmoleum Sport

Natural winner

The natural winner

Marmoleum Sport fulfils all sports-functional properties and meets all the requirements of an ecologically superior product construction. Marmoleum floors are CO2 neutral from cradle to gate.

The raw materials used for creating Marmoleum are rapidly renewable and have absorbed such an amount of CO2 during the time the plants, trees and crops have grown, that this amount exceeds the amount of CO2 that is emitted during the production process. Our Marmoleum is produced in a modern, energy efficient environment. We produce with 100% green electricity derived from the sun and wind, not adding any CO2 .

Find out more about the sustainable nature of Marmoleum.

Marmleum_natural winner


Installation Marmoleum Sport

Download here the
Marmoleum sheet installation guidance note
Marmoleum Sport game lining installation guidance note

Matching uni welding rods are available for each item in the Marmoleum Sport collection.

Marmoleum Sport can be used in three types of sports flooring systems according to EN 14904: area elastic, point elastic and combination systems.
With Marmoleum Sport Elastic, Forbo offers a complete sports floor system.

Area elastic (type A) sports flooring system
Marmoleum Sport is perfect for use in area elastic (sprung) sports floor constructions. Area-elastic floors minimize the risk of injury by spreading the force of an impact over a larger area. The combination of a sprung system with a Marmoleum Sport floor covering provides increased force reduction and vertical deformation. This makes it suitable for more demanding sports. The construction of the sprung undercarriage determines the exact performance values.

Point elastic (type P) sports flooring system
Marmoleum Sport can also be used to create point elastic flooring systems that absorb shocks directly at the point of impact. This helps to reduce the risk of repetitive stress problems associated with hard surfaces. Nor does the weight of the user determine the effectiveness of the cushioning effect, as with area elastic systems. Point elastic systems are therefore ideal for children’s play areas and lower impact sports.

Combination systems
Synthetic playing surfaces installed over a resilient wood subfloor belong to this category. They represent a combination of area and point elastic systems, with the point elastic part forming the playing surface.

Marmoleum Sport Elastic
Marmoleum Sport Elastic is a point elastic (type P) floor covering that consists of two layers working together to form a perfect base for low-impact sports. The shock-absorbing underfloor is made of recycled rubber and foam particles bonded with polyurethane. The top layer is Marmoleum Sport. The underfloor and Marmoleum Sport are installed separately. The top layer can be applied directly to the subfloor, making it a simple and cost-effective sports floor system.

Marmoleum Sport


Marmoleum brochures

You can find more information about all our Marmoleum collections in our online Marmoleum in the real world magazine

For more information on Marmoleum Sport, you can read our online brochure:


Marmoleum Sport


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Marmoleum Sport