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Marmoleum stories

The Space Maker

Sony building photo by Peter Tijhuis

Remi Versteeg - Grounded in logic

Remi Versteeg is architect and founding partner at the Dutch architectural firm Beyond Space, which is based in Amsterdam. They design buildings, interiors, products and everything beyond. In their projects they aim to create something which is extremely grounded in logic, that the result becomes distinctive again. An example of their unique signature is the launch of the Boring Collection in 2016 during the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Remi versteeg

Spectacularly inconspicuous

In 2016 the Boring Collection was presented, as a result of a collaboration between Beyond Space and Lensvelt Contract furniture. The concept for the collection was born out of a desire for contemporary and affordable project furniture that does not detonate with its environment. A discrete line of furniture in archetypical shapes was assembled based on a carefully selected neutral shade of grey.

The result was series of spectacularly inconspicuous furniture designs that have the ability to blend with its surroundings and to act as a neutral backdrop for everything else to shine. The Boring Collection does not pretend to be more beautiful, in fact it does not claim any attention.

Remi Versteeg is creative director of the Boring Collection.

Peter Tijhuis, Image of Sony Boring
Lernert & Sander stacked furniture pieces

Creating purity naturally

Autumn 2020 Remi visits the Forbo Linoleum factory where at that particular moment Marmoleum Solid is produced in a modest soft grey colour to match the Boring Collection.

In the interview that follows Remi explains how the word ‘boring’ represents for him a quality and how seamlessly well this special Marmoleum colour fits in this mindset. He talks about his fascination for the Marmoleum production process and the unique properties of Marmoleum. Describing its purity, depth and warmth and how the material has a natural ability to age well.

The special grey Marmoleum colour will be part of the Boring Collection. More information about the Boring Collection you can find at:

With special thanks to:

Remi Versteeg
Gal Keshet | directing, filming and editing
Simone de Vries | consultancy
Gena Haensel | transcription
The Forbo Flooring linoleum production team

Photographs on this page are made by
©Reinier RVDA| portrait Remi Versteeg,
Peter Tijhuis | SONY interior
Lernert & Sander | stacked Boring Collection