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Water- and frost-resistant cement-based tile adhesive for natural stone and glass-mosaic.

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    711-safety data sheet uk.pdf

Product Typification

Water- and frost-resistant cement-based tile adhesive for natural stone and glass-mosaic.
Basis : Cement-based white powder with a high synthetic binder content to be mixed with water.
Colour : White.

Product advantages:
  • Dust reduced
  • For in- and outdoor use
  • Permanent flexible
  • Moisture- and frost-resistant
  • High initial adhesion strength
  • High final bond strength
  • Does not deteriorate with age
  • Easy to apply
  • Low chromate
  • For wall and floor


Aging : 711 Uniflex does not deteriorate with age.
Classification : High flexible cement-based tile adhesive, which as far as final bond strength, moisture- and frost-resistance complies with C2TE, according to NEN EN 12004.
Consumption : 1.2 - 3.5 kg/m², depending on the smoothness of the subfloor and type of tile.
Curing : 24 Hours, depending on the subfloor and temperature.


  • For the flexible and water-resistant fixing of ceramic wall and floor tiles, glassmosaic, flat natural stone, flagstones, fully vitrified tiles and other tiles with an minor absorption capacity on almost any subfloor e.g. concrete, cement screed, wood, old tiles, granito, underfloor heating systems etc.
  • Very suitable application in the so-called ”wet areas”, swimming pools and outdoor use.

Working Process

Mixing ratio : Add 25 kg 711 Uniflex to approx. 6 litres of water. 5 kg 711 Uniflex to approx. 1.2 litres of water.
Open time : Place the tiles within 15 to 20 minutes into the wet adhesive, depending on the subfloor and temperature.
Processing time : Apply the mixture within 60 minutes.
Waiting time : After mixing with water wait for a few minutes, stir once again and apply the mixture on the subfloor.
Shelf Life : 12 Months, in unopened packaging. After use close the open packaging well.
Application temperature : From 5° to 25 °C (temperature of the surrounding as well as the subfloor).

* The mentioned values have been established in our laboratory and must be considered as guidelines in view of possible variations in climatic circumstances, subfloor compositions and layer thickness.

1.2 - 3.5 kg/m², depending on the smoothness of the subfloor and type of tile.

  • The subfloor must have a good tensile and compression strength. The subfloor should also be smooth, dry and free from grease, dirt and dust, according to the requirements of DIN 18 352.
  • When using the adhesive outdoors apply two layers of 730 Isoflex. Also remove all old ceramic finishing.
  • Wooden floors, made of floorboards, should be sufficiently supported underneath (distance between the beam maximum 60 cm). To attain a fixed construction screw water-resistant plywood (minimum 12 mm thickness) on top of this layer. Thereafter apply 099 Dispersion Primer and prime completely with 685 Eurocoat. Maximum tile size 30x30 cm.
  • Prime moisture-sensitive or absorbent subfloors e.g. gypsum-based walls wit 099 Dispersion Primer. Apply 685 Eurocoat in the shower area to attain an impervious layer between the tile adhesive and subfloor.
  • Prime self-levelling anhydrite floors with a residual construction moisture percentage of 0.5% with 099 Dispersion Primer (drying time minimum 12 hours).
  • In advance always seek our technical data sheets. In doubt about the application ask for technical advice.

User manual:
  • Add 25 kg of 711 Uniflex to approx. 6 litres of cool and clean tap water and stir the mortar for 1 minute, by using an electric stirrer (approx. 600 rpm), to a smooth and homogeneous mixture.
  • After stirring wait for a few minutes, stir once again and apply the adhesive on the subfloor with the recommended adhesive spreader (see spreading capacity/notched spreader).
  • In wet areas, first apply an impervious water-resistant layer of adhesive (approx. 3 mm thickness) with a flat trowel. This layer has to dry for at least 5 hours.
  • Press the tiles within 15 to 20 minutes with a shuffling movement into the adhesive. Check regularly to ensure that the back of the tile is in full contact with the adhesive. Remove excess adhesive immediately from the joints.
  • Apply the mixed adhesive within 60 minutes. Do not add extra water!
  • Under normal circumstances, i.e. a temperature of 20 °C and a relative humidity of 65%, the joints may be filled after minimum 24 hours.  

Spreading capacity/notched spreader for powder tile adhesives:

The smoothness of the subfloor and type of tile are determining for the adhesive spreader to be used. Selection of the notched spreader should be made in such way that a minimum adhesive contact of 80% is guaranteed (equally divided over the back of the tile). For outdoor purposes this contact must be 100%. Also counts for heavy-duty indoor floors, e.g. store and warehouse floors. Check the adhesive contact regularly.

Spreader no. 19, 4x4 mm : Spreading capacity approx. 1.2 kg/m²
Spreader no. 12, 6x6 mm : Spreading capacity approx. 2.0 kg/m² 
Spreader no. 13, 8x8 mm : Spreading capacity approx. 2.7 kg/m²
Spreader no. 14, 10x10 mm : Spreading capacity approx. 3.5 kg/m²

Quality and guarantee

Environment and health

Safety and environment : Safety data sheets of Forbo Eurocol products according to EEG-guideline 91/155.
MSDS : For extensive information about safety and environment we refer to our website


ArticleDefinitionPackagingEAN-codeMin. order
711Uniflex25 kg bag8 710345 052405 
711Uniflex5x5 kg box8 710345 711036
711Uniflex5 kg box8 710345 0000485 pieces