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326 UV-CareShield is a water-based UV-curable renovation varnish specially designed for linoleum floors.

  • 326-safety data sheet uk.pdf

    326-safety data sheet uk.pdf

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    326-ec 1 plus llicence uk.pdf

Product Typification

326 UV-CareShield is a water-based UV-curable renovation varnish specially designed for linoleum floors. After pre-treating the linoleum floor, apply 326 UV-CareShield in two layers over each other crosswise and then treat it with a mobile UV source such as Floormate from DecoRad after physical drying. This results in a very high-quality protective varnish film that can be fully loaded immediately after UV treatment. This renovation varnish is ideally suited to renovating linoleum floors in rooms that need to be put into use again quickly.
Colour : Milky. Gloss level: Silk matt.

Product advantages:
  • 326 UV-CareShield guarantees a durable protective layer.
  • Floors treated with 326 UV-CareShield are ready for use immediately after application and UV treatment: furniture can be replaced right away and the floor can be walked on.
  • Excellent stain resistance, including against alcohol and disinfectants.
  • Free from solvents and isocyanate.
  • Easy to use without a primer.
  • Very durable and eliminates the need for conventional periodic maintenance with polish, polymer or wax.


Consumption : Film weight to be applied per layer 50 to 75 g/m².
Passableness : Walkable and loadable: IImmediately after UV treatment. Anti-slip R-value treated linoleum: R9.


Suitable for stripped and/or sanded linoleum floors. Suitability for renovation of different floor coverings must be tested on site.

Working Process

Storage : At 5 to 25 °C in closed original packaging.
Shelf Life : 1 year.
Drying : Drying time per layer: 1 to 3 hours depending on conditions. Reaching optimal properties immediately after UV treatment.

* The mentioned values have been established in our laboratory and must be considered as guidelines in view of possible variations in climatic circumstances, subfloor compositions and layer thickness.

Film weight to be applied per layer 50 to 75 g/m².

User manual:

How to apply 326 UV-CareShield:

  • Before starting work, always read the safety data sheet and label information and follow the recommended precautions.
  • Ensure sufficient ventilation in the room where the floor will be treated.
  • Before applying 326 UV-CareShield, the floor to be treated must be completely free of wax, polish and polymer residues and must be clean and dry in line with existing procedures.
  • Before applying 326 UV-CareShield, measure the moisture percentage of the cleaned floor with a contact moisture meter in various places. Record the measurements as reference values for later calculations before the UV treatment.
  • Shake the can of 326 UV-CareShield vigorously before use to ensure that it is well mixed. Let it stand for at least 5 minutes after shaking.
  • The room temperature must be between 15 and 25 °C.
  • Fill a paint tray with 326 UV-CareShield. Apply 326 UV-CareShield with a good-quality microfibre roller with bevelled edges and a fibre length of 9 to 11 mm.
  • Apply the first layer at a film weight of 50 to 75 g/m².
  • Leave the first layer to dry for 2 to 3 hours. 30 minutes after applying the first layer, a blower can be used to speed up drying.
  • Then apply the second layer at right angles to the first layer at a film weight of 50 to 75 g/m².

UV treatment of 326 UV-CareShield:

  • Once the second layer has dried, measure the moisture content of the floor at the same places as the first moisture measurement and compare the measured values. If the second measured values are a maximum of 1 unit higher than the first measured values, then the floor is dry enough for the UV treatment.
  • Follow the safety instructions of the supplier/manufacturer of the UV sources and use the recommended personal protective equipment. Cordon off the room in which the floor renovation is being performed.
  • The UV treatment is performed using a self-propelled mobile Hg UV source such as Floormate from DecoRad. The maximum speed at which the UV source is moved over the floor is 8 m/min. Do not use an LED UV source.
  • During the UV treatment, only walk on the already UV-treated areas and allow sufficient overflow of the UV-treated strips to ensure that the entire floor surface has been treated.
  • Use a handheld UV source such as the Handmate UV 600 Hg / UV 1800 HG from DecoRad to treat corners and other areas of the floor that were not irradiated with the mobile UV source. Do not use an LED UV source.

Immediately after UV treatment, the floor is ready for intensive use.



Cleaning and maintenance of floors treated with 326 UV-CareShield:

Regular maintenance:

The type of regular maintenance required depends on the floor’s intensity of use, the level and type of dirt, the desired floor appearance and the required hygiene level of the room.

  • Remove dust and loose dirt with a vacuum cleaner or dry microfibre squeegee.
  • Remove local stains and spills with a damp mop or squeegee. Use a neutral floor cleaning agent.

Periodic maintenance:

  • Floors treated with 326 UV-CareShield can be cleaned intensively with a scrubber.
  • The floor must not be buffed, sprayed and buffed, polished, polymerised or waxed under any circumstances.

Cured 326 UV-CareShield layers cannot be chemically stripped. If a floor needs to be treated with 326 UV-CareShield again, it should preferably be wet-sanded.

Technical support:

For additional information and technical questions, please contact our technical service department.

Quality and guarantee

Environment and health


 326UV-Careshield 5 kg jerry can 8 710345 326018