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levelling and concrete flloor finishing in one

FloorColouring tafel


An industrial appearance is appreciated by many customers and architects. This also explains the current popularity of concretelook products for floors. For these types of floor finishes, the subfloor must first be accurately levelled. But what if you could give this levelling layer an attractive and unique concrete look? This idea forms the basis of Eurocol’s innovative product 390 FloorColouring. Flat levelling and a concrete-look floor finish in one.


FloorColouring is a brilliant idea. That’s because, if you can level a floor directly in the desired colour, you kill two birds with one stone. You get a beautiful, sleek floor finish and, by adding the FloorColouring pigment powder, you also create a decorative industrial look. The result is a modern floor, no two examples of which are the same. FloorColouring is suitable for indoor use, with the exception of wooden floors. Its application possibilities are virtually unlimited. FloorColouring gives a unique character to living and working spaces alike: From living rooms, kitchens and hobby rooms to offices, shops and showrooms.

Customer and installer determine colour

390 FloorColouring is applied in combination with 990 Europlan Direct or 920 Europlan Alphy levelling compounds. This innovative Eurocol product is available in three modern industrial colours: White, Soft Black and Brown. The customers determine the intensity themselves in consultation with the installer. The more pigment is used, the deeper the resulting colour will be. For guaranteed great end results, up to 3% pigment powder can be added to 1 bag of levelling compound. In practice, this means 1 to 3 jars of 230 g of 390 FloorColouring pigment for one 23 kg bag of levelling compound. After drying of the coloured levelling, it is finished with 301 BaseSealer and 311 TopCoat, known for the BetonDesign finish.

FloorColouring kleurstalen


As with all Eurocol products, good surfaces and preparation are essential. For optimal end results, the subfloor must be permanently
dry, with a good tensile and compression strength. The top layer must also be clean and free of grease and dirt. Any craftsman who knows how to level can immediately start with 390 FloorColouring. The Eurocol website contains a complete list of tools you need to apply the levelling. The room in which you’re working must be well ventilated. Before applying FloorColouring levelling compound, the
subfloor must always be primed with 044 Europrimer Multi. This ensures optimal adhesion and prevents the formation of air pockets
in the levelling layer.

FloorColouring emengen

Work with at least two people

It is recommended to apply the FloorColouring levelling compound with at least two people. While one person is busy levelling, the other can already prepare the next bucket. First mix the levelling powder in water, preferably with the Eurocol 855 Mixing rod. Mix for at least 1 minute at a high speed (approx. 900 rpm). As soon as a smooth and homogeneous mixture has been created, 390 FloorColouring can be added. Sprinkle the powder from the jar into the mortar during mixing to prevent lump formation. Mix this mixture again for at least 1 minute until it is an uniformly coloured mass. The mortar must then be left standing for about 3 minutes. During this time, the next bucket of levelling can be created, so that you can continue to work wet-in-wet. To avoid lumps, it is possible to add the 390 FloorColouring pigment to the 5.5 - 6 litres mixing water. First mix the 390 FloorColouring pigment slowly through the mixing water and add the levelling powder. Mix the mortar as described above. Before applying, mix the mortar briefly at low speed. The levelling compound created must be processed within 20 minutes.

FloorColouring mengen

Prevent colour patches

Start applying the FloorColouring levelling in one corner or at the side of the room and then work towards the exit. Always apply small amounts of levelling to the floor and leave some extra space for the new portions of each subsequent bucket. Pour the portions of that next bucket into the spaces left open from the previous bucket. By
working with these kinds of ‘islands’, you prevent pattern formation and colour patches. Because the portions blend into each other so nicely, you can create an authentic concrete look. Distribute the levelling directly with the trowel and make random strokes to create the optimal concrete-look effect. Make sure you always apply a layer
of at least 3 mm thickness.

5 tips FloorColouring

Drying time and load

After a drying time of 24 hours, the floor is ready for further finishing with the 301 BaseSealer and 311 TopCoat paint system. Apply these evenly with the prescribed paint roller over the entire surface whilst marks. Wear shoe covers to prevent footprints. The lacquer has reached 80% of the end hardness after 24 hours and will be fully cured after 7 days. This means that the room can be used after 24 hours, however for full maintenance we advise to respect 7 days.

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