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965 Europlan Flex

Self levelling compound
- layer thickness from 3 to 15 mm

High quality, fiber-reinforced, multi-purpose, cement-based, self levelling compound, curing with very low tension and excellent final strength for highest traffic use. For levelling cement-based subfloors (screed).
Ideal for levelling of deformable subfloors like screwed down wooden boards or composites according to Eurocol instruction.
Applicable from 3 mm up to 15 mm, mastic asphalt up to 5 mm layer thickness.
To prepare subfloor for subsequent installation works.
Applicable with flat trowel/spike roller.
Suitable for underfloor heating systems and castor wheel resistant according to DIN EN 12529.
For indoor use only.
Very low VOC emission.

Unit size: 25 kg
Shipping unit: 42/pallet
Consumption: approx. 5 kg/m²/3 mm
Accessibility: 1 - 2 hrs.
Ready for further works: at 3 mm thickness, approx. 24 hrs.

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    Technical information

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    Safety data sheet

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    EC 1 R

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