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350 LiquidDesign

2-component seamless elastic liquid floor with a based on natural raw materials like linseed oil and cork

Highly resistant, elastic, hard-wearing, very low-emission, light- and color-resistant liquid floor that combines excellent walking comfort and environmental friendliness with outstanding performance. The seamless cured flooring provides a comfortable walking and living comfort, is easy to maintain, abrasion and scratch resistant as well as resistant to a variety of chemicals. The flooring is made from natural, renewable products such as natural oils (linseed oil), wood flour, corn and colored pigments. It is available in a variety of colors. Fire resistant class Cfl S1. The product is suitable over underfloor heating and for use with castor wheel roller according to DIN EN 12529.

With 355 LiquidDesign Finish Protection.

Unit size: 11 kg + 4 kg
Consumption: 1 kg/m²/mm
Application: trowel, spiked roller
Drying time: 12 hrs.
Pot life: approx 30 min.

Product 350


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    Technical information

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    Safety data sheet Comp. A

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    Safety data sheet Comp. B

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  • BREEM Confirmation

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    LEED Confirmation

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