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154 Eurowood SF Ultra

One-component STP parquet adhesive | edge lamella parquet with min. 10 mm | special use for large size wooden floor boards | multipurpose

Hard, shear-resistant (ISO 17178), water- and solvent-free parquet adhesive based on STP, hardens without shrinking. For installation of strip parquet, mosaic parquet, multi-layer, solid parquet and permitted solid floor boards, for edge lamella parquet with minimum thickness of 10 mm, bamboo, smoked oak, especially surface treated parquets on suitable mineral-based subfloors and wooden composites, dry screed, mastic asphalt, recommended Eurocol decoupling and insulation mats which meet the requirements of parquet installation.
For high step-sound improvement. Please consult when using on mastic asphalt. Easy to remove from varnished surfaces. Sanding and sealing after 48 hrs.

Emission-tested construction product according to DIBt principles. For indoor use only. Very low VOC emission. EMICODE EC 1 R Plus, GISCODE RS 10

Cleaner for non-hardened materials: 815 Euroclean Handclean. Subfloor surface improvement, DPM of residual moisture: 021 Euroblock Reno LE, 042 Euroblock Turbo. Quartz sand blinding is recommended. Binding of residual dust: 048 Europrimer Plus.

Unit size: 16 kg
Shipping unit: 33/pallet
Consumption/Application: 800 - 1000 g/m² notched trowel B3,
1000 - 1200 g/m² notched trowel B11/B15
Installation time: approx. 30 min.



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    Technical information

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    Safety data sheet

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    EC 1 R Plus