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146 Euromix wood basic

2-K-PUR polyurethane wood flooring adhesive | easy to apply | excellent ridge formation for parquet laying | parquet ready for sanding after 12 hours

Hard tying (ISO 17178), water-free, solvent-free two-component adhesive with extended processing time, highly resilient and fast setting. Shear-resistant curing. For laying standard-compliant parquet such as strip parquet, mosaic parquet, industrial parquet (including 10 mm), standard-compliant solid floor boards, solid lamparquet products, multilayer parquet, panel parquet, and bamboo parquet according to floor covering manufacturer’s instructions.
Bonding is performed on standardized cement and calcium sulphate-based screeds, poured asphalt, wood based panels and gypsum fiber boards suitable for laying parquet, Eurocol decoupling and insulating underlays (e.g. 823 Eurofloor Reno, 820/821 Eurofloor Comfort, 804 Eurofloor Reno Fleece), and on nonabsorbent subfloors (e.g. fixed and cleaned ceramic and natural stone slabs, artificial stone). Can also be used on sanded Eurocol reactive primers approved for its application.

The adhesive can be used on floor heating.
For indoor use.
Very low emission laying material certified to EMICODE EC 1 Plus R. GISCODE RU 1

146 Euromix wood basic_357x268

Technical Details

Unit size:7.000 kg/0.875kg hardener
Shipping unit:65/pallet
Consumption/Application 900 -1000 g/m² notched trowel B3, 1100 to 1300 g/m² notched trowel B11
Laying time: approx. 60 min
Pot life: 60 min.


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    Technical information

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    Safety data sheet

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    Safety data sheet hardener

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