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305 BetonDesign

BetonDesign System is certified in accordance with
EMICODE EC 2, slip-ristance: R1

Pasty finishing coat with decorative concrete look

Ready to use, easy to apply, polymer dispersion-based compound for creating individually designed, unique, spatula-structured surfaces on floors and walls; single-colored (concrete design), multi-colored (marble design). Available in 8 different concrete colors. It requires a smooth, stable, even and crack-free subfloor.910 Europlan PU Duo provides a stable, even, crack over-bridging subfloor for BetonDesign. 960 Europlan Super provides a stable, even subfloor for BetonDesign. For indoor use only. Total layer thickness only 1 - 1,5 mm.

Available colors:
3051 Telegrau 4, 3052 Agate Grey, 3053 Signal Grey,
3054 Platinum Grey, 3055 Telegrau 1, 3056 Dusty Grey,
3057 Traffic Grey, 3058 Black Grey

For initial and regular care of BetonDesign we recommend
312 BetonDesign Conditioner.

Unit size: 7 kg
Shipping unit: 75/pallet (7 kg)
Consumption: approx. 1 kg/m²/2 layers
Processing time: approx. 40 min.
Hardening time: 6 - 8 hrs.
Drying time for sealing: can be lacquered min. in 12 hrs.



  • TI_Eurocol_305 Beton Design_EN

    Technical information

  • SD_Eurocol_305_BetonDesign_EN

    Safety data sheet

  • TI_Care instructions for sealed BetoDesign_EN

    Care instructions
    for Eurocol 305 BetonDesign

  • PZ_EMICODE EC2_System BetonDesign

    System BetonDesign

  • PZ_305_DGUV-Rutschklasse R10_201

    305 DGUV-Rutschklasse

More information

Please call + 49 361 7 30 41 66 for more information on this product.