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Please find below all Forbo media releases listed by year.

New Elections to the Board of Directors

Eglisau, March 26, 2003

Forbo is consistently implementing the principle of Corporate Governance. For instance, the Forbo Group publishes the remuneration of the Executive Board and the Board of Directors. Independence is a priority in the Forbo Group's Board of Directors with its international composition. No two members hold mandates in one or more other companies.

Forbo maintains a balance between management and supervision in that the function of the Chairman of the Board of Directors is separate from that of the Chairman of the Executive Board. Since 1999, special committees of the Board of Directors have been dealing with clearly defined topics of corporate significance.

The "Audit and Finance Committee" deals with issues of financial management and control.
The "Corporate Development Committee" is concerned with questions of corporate strategy as well as acquisitions and divestments.
The "Committee for Human Resources and Remuneration" defines the principles of human resources policy and remuneration of the Executive Board and other senior managers.

The terms of office of Dr. Anton Bucher, Peter van Duursen, Dr. Gerd Hofmeister, Karl Janjöri, and Dr. Willy Kissling – members of the Board of Directors – will expire by the 2002 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. Van Duursen will retire from the Board of Directors for reasons of age. The other gentlemen may be re-elected. Drs. Pieter P. A. I. Deiters, lic. oec. HSG, will be proposed for election as a new member to the Board of Directors. Mr. Deiters is a Dutch citizen resident in Switzerland. He is a member of the Board of Directors and consultant to industrial enterprises and international institutions, such as the European Bank for Development and Reconstruction.

Forbo is a global producer of floor coverings and industy specialties. The Group employs some 5 200 people worldwide and has an international network of 22 production companies in 12 countries and 58 marketing organizations in 26 countries.


Ursula Leonhard
Head of Corporate Communications
Tel: + 41 1 868 25 69
Fax: + 41 1 868 35 69

Gerold Zenger
Chief Financial Officer
Tel: + 41 1 868 25 25
Fax: + 41 1 868 25 26