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Please find below all Forbo media releases listed by year.

Annual General Meeting of Forbo Holding AG

Eglisau, April 24, 2002

At the occasion of the 74th Annual General Meeting held in Zurich on April 23, 2002, the shareholders of Forbo Holding approved all the proposals put forward by the Board of Directors with a large majority. 300 shareholders attended the meeting.

In agreement with the Board of Directors' proposal, the General Meeting approved an unchanged dividend of CHF 22.- per share.

Dr. Anton Bucher, Dr. Gerd Hofmeister, Karl Janj├Âri and Dr. Willy Kissling were re-elected as members of the Board of Directors. Peter van Duursen retired from the Board of Directors for reasons of age as of the date of the General Meeting. Peter Deiters was elected as new member of the Board of Directors. Deiters is a Dutch citizen and resident of Switzerland. He is a member of the Board of Directors and consultant to industrial enterprises and international institutions, such as the European Bank for Development and Reconstruction.

In addition, the General Meeting approved the reduction of the share capital by 10.4 % through the elimination of registered shares which were repurchased last year.

Should the economy indeed pick up in the months to come, the company is expecting better results than in the previous year, especially for linoleum and for adhesives. Three of the four core businesses would directly benefit from an economic recovery in the USA. Swift is expected to make a positive, albeit still modest contribution to operating profits due to integration costs. Here the focus is on the fast and successful integration of the newly acquired business.

All in all, Forbo endeavors to improve the company's profitability. In this context, enhancing the company's long-term competitiveness has priority over the short-term optimization of returns.

Forbo is a global producer of floor coverings and industrial specialties. The Group employs some 5 800 people worldwide and has an international network of 39 production companies in 12 countries and 79 marketing organizations in 28 countries.


Ursula Leonhard
Head of Corporate Communications
Tel: + 41 1 868 25 69
Fax: + 41 1 868 35 69

Gerold Zenger
Chief Financial Officer
Tel: + 41 1 868 25 25
Fax: + 41 1 868 25 26