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Forbo News overview

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Sphera Energetic - Adding Colour to the Curriculum

New Sphera Energetic

Hot off the heels of its very first homogeneous vinyl collection, Forbo
Flooring Systems has launched its second range: Sphera Energetic. Reflecting the latest education trend colours, with low emissions and high LRVs, the new phthalate free collection will help contribute to a stimulating, yet healthy indoor environment for any educational establishment.

Forbo’s Sphera Energetic is a bold and exciting new range that challenges traditional flooring design in the education sector. End users are presented with a fresh and playful colour proposition consisting of 52 shades: 41 ‘flecked’ colours alongside 11 complementary “vivid” hues, which feature corresponding highlight chips to create an integrated flooring solution. The colour options are ideal for zoning and way-finding through corridors, as the palette has been designed with intrinsic tint combinations to create stand out and inspiring flooring schemes.

Sphera Energetic 50213-51215

Sphera Energetic Press Release

Download the Sphera Energetic Press Release

View the new Sphera Energetic collection

View the new Sphera Energetic range

Shape and Form with Forbo's New Allura Collection

The New Allura Collection

In response to the growing trend for combining shapes, sizes and colours to create contemporary juxtapositions, Forbo Flooring Systems has refreshed its popular Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) collection, Allura. Playing with scale, direction and combinations across the range, the result is the introduction of new shapes and sizes to the market, alongside digital print options.

As Form plays an ever growing part in influencing how interior designs take shape, Forbo’s Allura collection now includes new large scale 180 x 32cm giant oak planks, 1m x 1m tiles, as well as small 50 x 15cm planks. The new XXL plank sizes are designed to help create the illusion of larger and lighter areas in buildings where space is limited, creating more spacious and social interiors and emulating the Scandinavian design trend for a neutral feel and finish. While the smaller planks are often used in smaller areas creatively or used sporadically in the body of more traditional floor design to spark interest.

Allura Wood W60353 w 60354

View the New Allura Collection

View the new Allura collection

Allura - LVT Made Easy

Allura - LVT Made Easy with the new Multi-Format Collection

An attractive re-fresh of Forbo Flooring Systems’ Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) range Allura, has seen the introduction of Allura Multi-Format – a nifty collection offering an appealing selection of colours, designs and sizes all available in Stick, Tack or new Click formats.

Allura Multi-Format has been specifically developed to help contractors ease the selection process, with a micro collection of 34 designs that can be installed any of three ways. Clients will now be able to choose from a range of inspiring designs and concentrate on the finish they want to achieve, leaving the contractor to choose the installation option that will best suit the project’s requirements.

Stick, Tack and Click options provide flooring contractors with complete control based on their client’s budget, subfloor condition or access time. From providing a permanent bond with ‘stick’, allowing for quick installation and post use removal with ‘tack’ or overcoming slight subfloor imperfections and offering enhanced acoustic performance with ‘click’ – the choice is made easy by this flexible range.

Allura Multiformat Natural Giant Oak

Allura Multi-Format Press Release

Download the Allura Multi-Format Press Release

View the new Allura Multi-Format Collection

View the new Allura Multi-Format Collection

Forbo's new Flotex Planks: A choice not a compromise- December 2016

Flotex Planks

As modular formats continue to increase in popularity, Forbo Flooring Systems has developed a new Flotex Plank collection, allowing users to create stunning, contemporary floor designs for areas where safety, hygiene and well-being are priorities.

Combining the comfort of carpet, the durability of a resilient floor covering and the design versatility of a plank format, the new design collection lends itself perfectly to contemporary workspaces, as well as high traffic areas such as hotels and transport hubs.

Offering six new designs: Triad, Box-cross, Lava, Seagrass, Concrete and Wood, in plank sizes of 100x25cm, the collection provides endless design possibilities, from colourful and complex layouts to minimal, sophisticated aesthetics, which use shape and pile direction to create a stimulating floor pattern.

Flotex planks Seagrass 111001 111002 111004

Flotex Planks Press Release

Download our Flotex Planks press release

View the new Flotex Planks collection

view the new Flotex Planks collection

Forbo Sphera: A new era in Homogeneous vinyl - November 2016

Sphera Homogeneous Vinyl

Sphera, from Forbo Flooring Systems, has been born out of a brand new, state-of-the-art production facility, utilising all the latest insights and technology to set a new standard in homogeneous vinyl flooring. With a unique in-house chip making process and the use of innovative new colour pigment spheres, Sphera Element offers the freshest, cleanest colour palette available on the market, with a harmonious range of contemporary tones.

Heralding a step change in how homogeneous vinyl is manufactured, Forbo’s new internal extrusion process enables the creation of multiple chip sizes and shapes depending on the design effect desired. What’s more, the new production techniques and processes means that Sphera achieves best in class dimensional stability, which helps to ensure the long term appearance and performance of the floor covering.

Sphera Element

View the new Sphera Collection

View the new Sphera collection

Forbo's Improved Coral Entrance System: Protecting Buildings One Step at a Time With Style - October 2016

Forbo's Improved Coral Entrance System

Forbo Flooring Systems' Coral collection has been improved and refreshed to offer even more design freedom, while providing safety for visitors, protection for floors and style for interiors. A must for any building where people trample in dirt, moisture and pollutants underfoot, the Coral collection has also been developed with the overall visual in mind, to make a design statement in its own right.

Independent testing by Cleaning Research International has shown that by installing Forbo's Coral collection, up to 95% of walked in dirt and moisture can be removed from the soles of shoes in just six steps, which can reduce cleaning time by up to 65%. These savings mean that the product and fitting costs can be recouped within just six months of use.

Coral Brush 5709

View the New Coral Collection

View the new Coral collection

Tessera Inline adds texture to Forbo's portfolio of co-ordinated plains and stripes

Tessera Inline

Forbo Flooring Systems is introducing a tactile option to the Tessera loop pile family of carpet tiles following a refresh of its Tessera Inline collection. The range is designed to complement the colours in Tessera Layout enabling naturally flowing design schemes. Tessera Inline’s chunky texture and broken linearity aesthetic can equally be used to create an individual look all of its own.

Designed to maintain its appearance, even in the most demanding heavily trafficked areas, Tessera Inline can be installed in any part of a building that requires a contemporary yet durable floor covering solution.

Tessera Inline

Tessera Inline Press Release

Download our Tessera Inline Press Release

Health of one and all - June 2016

Committed to the health of one

Forbo Flooring Systems Environment Specialist, Mark Bauer, has become a member of the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) Task Group, which will focus on enhancing the health and well-being of people in the residential sector by compiling a ‘Better Homes for People’ report.

Findings from the UKGBC’s Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices (2014) report stated that buildings have a material impact on the health, well-being and productivity of occupants. As such the council’s mission is to radically improve the sustainability of the built environment by transforming the way it is planned, designed, constructed, maintained and operated.


Health of One and All Press Release

Health of One and All Press Release

More Information on Committed to the Health of One

Committed to the Health of One web pages

Three designs, three shapes, three textures; one holistic workplace - June 2016


Forbo Flooring Systems’ Synergy collection brings together for the first time a selection of carpet tiles and Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) that have been specifically designed to work alongside each other. Synergy enables designers to create on-trend office interiors with stimulating floor designs, all while meeting the various demands of activity-based work settings.

Available in a variety of modular formats, colours and textures, the Synergy collection provides users with complete design freedom and almost endless combination possibilities.


Synergy Press Release

Synergy Press Release

Synergy Collection

Synergy collection

Acoustic. Design. Confidence. - May 2016


Forbo Flooring Systems’ has revamped its Sarlon Acoustic Vinyl range to include over 100 designs and up to 19dB impact sound reduction to help users create a contemporary, yet comfortable environment for all.

Reducing noise pollution is essential to promoting the well-being and comfort of people working or learning in a building. As such, Forbo’s Sarlon Acoustic Vinyl collection is now available in two levels of impact sound reduction: 15dB and 19dB and can be specified in an array of colours and designs – meeting the performance and aesthetic requirements of a variety of sectors.

Degrade Jungle

Sarlon Acoustic Vinyl Press Release

Sarlon Press Release

Sarlon Acoustic Vinyl Collection

Sarlon Acoustic Vinyl Collection

Define spaces with Forbo's new award winning Marmoleum Linear collection - May 2016

Marmoleum Linear

Forbo Flooring Systems’ new Marmoleum Linear sheet collection will allow end users and specifiers to define spaces through intriguing floor designs, by playing with texture, colour and installation directions.

Recently presented with the iF Design Award*, the collection has been designed to reflect the latest trends across the office, retail, leisure and hospitality sectors. Divided into three ranges; Striato Original, Textura and Colour, this collection is Marmoleum, but not as you know it.

Marmoleum Linear

Marmoleum Linear Press Release

Marmoleum Linear Press Release

Marmoleum Linear collection

Marmoleum Linear collection

HemingwayDesign x Forbo: The Collaboration - October 2015

HemingwayDesign x Forbo

With a long history of breathing new life into existing concepts, cutting through the ordinary and expected with powerful, visionary design, it was only a matter of time before HemingwayDesign became interested in reinvigorating a selection of flooring materials that have a history of their own and yet could easily take on a new identity. This collaboration, HemingwayDesign x Forbo, is a forward thinking reinvention of Forbo Flooring Systems’ products into various distinctive, graphic compendiums of fun designs, inspirational for all sectors.

mid century weave

HemingwayDesign x Forbo Press Release

HemingwayDesign x Forbo Press Release

HemingwayDesign x Forbo Collection

HemingwayDesign x Forbo

Tessera Layout and Outline

Forbo Flooring Systems has launched a new low-level loop Tessera carpet tile collection, consisting of two ranges: Layout and Outline. With the light to dark colour palette of Layout and the clean lines of Outline, specifiers can combine the ranges seamlessly to create striking transitional designs, or use them separately to highlight a variety of workspaces.

Layout and Outline

Tessera Layout and Outline Press Release

Tessera Layout and Outline Press Release

Tessera Layout and Outline Collection

Tessera Layout and Outline

Bulletin Board

Designed first and foremost as a functional solution to share information, Forbo Flooring Systems’ Bulletin Board collection is an indispensible choice for specifiers and end users that want to create a practical, yet stylish notice board, functional wall or furniture surface finish that can enhance the interior design of a room.

The flexibility, resilience and durability of Bulletin Board makes it the ideal material for surface areas in educational buildings, offices and even healthcare establishments, where ideas and information are exchanged. Manufactured from 91% natural raw materials and with a 43% recycled content, Bulletin Board retains its grip and does not crumble like traditional soft boards, as the pinholes close after extraction, ensuring a long and useful lifecycle.

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board Press Release

Bulletin Board Press Release

Bulletin Board Collection

Visit our Bulletin Board Pages

Allura Flex 0.55 – As convenient as it is stylish - March 2016

Allura Flex 0.55

Perfectly capturing the beauty of the natural world, Forbo Flooring Systems’ new loose lay Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) collection, Allura Flex 0.55, consists of contemporary and in demand, reclaimed wood designs and natural stone aesthetics - taking the trend for nature inspired interiors to a new level.

Reflecting the grains, patterns and tones found within wood and stone elements, the new LVT range comprises of authentic, realistic designs that will connect end users to the natural world inside. The loose lay format also means that the collection has a cost effective installation, as it is quick and easy to fit.

Allura Flex 0.55

Allura Flex 0.55 Press Release

Allura Flex 0.55 Press Release

Allura Flex 0.55 collection

Allura Flex 0.55

Colour, service and performance from Forbo's Tessera Teviot carpet tiles - July 2015

Tessera Teviot

One of Forbo Flooring System’s most popular carpet tile collections, Tessera Teviot has received a stylish colour refresh with new classic, contemporary and high impact shades now included. Designed to enhance the creative versatility of this practical yet high performance flooring option, Tessera Teviot’s diverse new colour palette will make it the go-to collection for commercial, educational and public sector applications.

Tessera Teviot 358 354 388

Tessera Teviot Press Release

Tessera Teviot Press Release

Tessera Teviot Range

Visit our Tessera Teviot Pages

Design. Safety. Performance: Allura Safety Tiles - July 2015

Allura Safety Tiles

Forbo Flooring System’s popular luxury vinyl tile offering, Allura, has been expanded to include an equally sophisticated safety tile range. The innovative new Allura Safety Tile combines the consistently stylish designs, flexibility and performance of Allura with sustainable slip resistance properties.

Allura Safety 74452

Allura Safety Press Release

Allura Safety Press Release

Allura Safety Range

Visit our Allura Safety pages

Fly Forbo Winner 2015

Forbo Flooring Systems is pleased to announce that Hazel Pearson from Michael Laird Architects (MLA) will be jetting off to Chicago this June following the company’s win at this year’s Fly Forbo competition - due to its impactful design at the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) premises in Edinburgh.

For the winning project, MLA created an efficient layout that clearly defined key areas within the RICS building. MLA achieved this by specifying Forbo’s Allura Wood vinyl tile and Tessera Mix carpet tiles in a very neutral colour palette, which acted as a backdrop for the striking accents of rich purple from Forbo’s Marmoleum range that helped to zone off the key areas.

Fly Forbo Winner

Fly Forbo 2014/15 Press Release

Fly Forbo Winners Press Release

Tantalising designs with Forbo's Tessera Alignment - May 2015

Tessera Alignment

Forbo Flooring Systems’ Tessera Alignment collection has recently been refreshed with a new contemporary colour palette, to provide specifiers with the ability to create truly individual designs.

The multi-height loops of the Tessera Alignment range provides a distinctive bold, directional theme, which is tempered by the introduction of intersecting random blocks of rich cut pile. The result is a highly effective broadloom appearance and a unique linear style.

Tessera Alignment

Tessera Alignment Press Release

Tessera Alignment Press Release

Tessera Alignment Range

Visit our Tessera Alignment Page

The Eternal Look with Forbo - May 2015


From chic metallic and bright sparkle designs to sophisticated natural wood and stone effects, Forbo Flooring Systems inspires designers with a far reaching range of designs as part of its new look Eternal general purpose vinyl collection.

Colour and pattern are staggeringly influential in transforming a space, affecting the mood and atmosphere intrinsically. Forbo’s new offering to specifiers - across all segments - certainly reflects this by capturing a very fresh, vibrant look and feel, whilst retaining all the practical performing elements that have always made Eternal a hugely popular flooring choice.

Eternal 13122 & 43982

Eternal Collection

Visit our Eternal pages

Versatile. Sustainable. Marmoleum Modular. - March 2015

Marmoleum Modular Lines

It is not often a floor covering collection comes along that provides so many opportunities to play and experiment in such a dramatic fashion. Mix, match, combine or contrast - create your unique expression as the new Marmoleum modular collection from Forbo Flooring Systems offers the possibility to create the floor of your choice.

Marmoleum Modular Lines

Marmoleum Modular Lines Press Release

Marmoleum Modular Lines Press Release

Marmoleum Modular Lines Range

Visit our Marmoleum Modular Lines Page

Tessera Diffusion: Beautifully Oblique February 2015

Tessera Diffusion

Forbo Flooring Systems’ latest addition to its carpet tile collections builds on the continuing trend of softening geometric structures. Tessera Diffusion is a progressive move away from more angular shapes, instead incorporating a beautiful prism pattern that artfully relaxes the organised design through a play on light and shade. The result is a beautifully oblique design that still meets all the current requirements for commercial applications, creating fascinating contemporary floor spaces.

Tessera Diffusion 160115

Tessera Diffusion Press Release

Download our Tessera Diffusion Press Release

Tessera Diffusion Range

Visit our Tessera Diffusion page

Sustainable Design with Forbo's Nuway - January 2015


Nuway, the market leading rigid entrance flooring system from Forbo Flooring Systems, has been enhanced to provide specifiers with even more choice. Along with the reliable high performance characteristics that Nuway is known for, the collection now boasts a more design-orientated approach as well as sustainable options.

Janet Lowe, Market Manager at Forbo Flooring Systems comments: “By simplifying the specification process of Nuway - as part of an overall flooring scheme - we hope to open up more options for commercial and retail end users to create an entrance system that suits the specific needs of an entrance and the varied traffic.”

To find out more and to see other interior images available download the press release below or visit our Nuway web pages.

Nuway Bamboo

Nuway Collection

Visit our Nuway pages

Love colour? Love Forbo's new Flotex collection - August 2014

Flotex Colour

Bursting with bright, vibrant, refreshing, sumptuous shades, the new Flotex Colour collection from Forbo Flooring Systems packs in so many it’s clear to see why the unique hybrid product appeals to a wide variety of sectors and applications.

Boasting a staggering 110 unique colourways, the new Flotex Colour collection also combines unbeatable bionic flooring performance with an Allergy UK Seal of Approval – making it ideal for all sectors, but particularly for education and hospitality; spaces where a visual stimulus and indoor air quality is important.

To find out more and to see other interior images available download the press release below or visit our Flotex Colour web pages.

Flotex Metro grape

Flotex Colour Press Release

Download our Flotex Colour Press Release

Flotex Colour Collection

Visit our Flotex Colour pages

Flotex: The High Tech Textile now in exciting linear designs - July 2014

Flotex Linear

Durable and comfortable, quiet yet hygienic, warm while washable, safe but sound absorbing - all the characteristics needed to create better working environments in just one high quality floor covering: Flotex. Now Forbo Flooring Systems has introduced a linear ingenuity to its unique hybrid range. Flotex Linear encompasses the current directional trend and a sophisticated colour palette ideal for office spaces, with individual ranges created to work together to fashion integrated flooring design concepts.

To find out more and to see other interior images available download the press release below or visit our Flotex Linear web pages.

Flotex Linear Cirrus

Flotex Linear Press Release

Download our Flotex Linear Press Release

Flotex Linear Collection

Visit our Flotex Linear pages

Tessera Contour: Softening the Square - May 2014

Tessera Contour

With interior designers persistently striving to create the most effective workspace environment, Forbo Flooring Systems offers a flooring solution that not only responds to ergonomic changes, but also evolves within the architectural space. Tessera Contour is a practical new carpet tile collection of 10 contemporary muted colourways inspired by both urban and natural environments.

The repeated shapes in architecture and urban settings have heavily influenced the controlled geometric background of Tessera Contour. Responding to the demand from the marketplace for an evolution of the popular linear effect, a softer and subtler look has been diffused across the collection taking inspiration from sustainable architecture, whilst maintaining a close relationship to the natural landscape. The carpet tile structure is therefore relieved and broken by a more sensitively striated cut pile overlay, to reflect the diverse human and natural elements found in and around these landscapes.

Tessera Contour white spruce & Westbond oak apple

Tessera Contour Press Release

Download our Tessera Contour Press Release

Tessera Contour Range

Visit our Tessera Contour pages

Safety. Design. Confidence. Forbo's new STEP collection. - April 2014


Forbo Flooring Systems offers a brighter choice when it comes to safety flooring with its newly launched STEP collection. Pioneering technical developments have resulted in a range of products that signify the very best of performance coupled with a fresh design direction – all fully guaranteed.

With an increased use of safety floors in the private sector the demand for warmer and more welcoming finishes is growing. Forbo’s advances in technology see revolutionary STEP safety crystals embedded throughout the wearlayer, providing a fully slip resistant solution. The entire collection meets with the prevalent UK slip standards; wet Pendulum test >36 and >20 surface roughness, as well as EN1385 for sustainable slip resistance.

Step safety flooring

Step Collection

Visit our Step pages