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Two-sided coated belts for perfect hygiene properties

Hygienic and safe all the way

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Protected belt carcass for unique hygienic properties

The two-sided coating reduces the chance of the carcass being contaminated by oil, grease, moisture or other contaminants. The Prosan™ Frayfree (FF) belt has virtually lint-free edges.

Furthermore, optional Smartseal belt-edge sealing provides an encapsulated design making it suitable for the toughest contaminating environments.

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Low friction coefficient for economical operation

Patented new Broken Twill (BT) underside pattern with a particularly low coefficient of friction on the slider bed and an easy to clean design.

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Small drum diameters down to ø 10 mm

Prosan™ belts have very flexible tension members. Despite the polyurethane coating on both sides, small drum diameters down to 10 mm are still possible, offering an effective alternative to single-sided coated belts that are relatively less hygienic for many uses.

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Max. 120 °C hot water resistance

Thanks to the pre-shrinkable tension components and the special PU (polyurethane) coating, the ProsanTM belt features excellent hot water resistance. Depending on the belt type, the ProsanTM belt provides an allowable operating temperature (e.g., cleaning cycle) of 120 °C for a short period of time. The definition of hot water meets the requirements of the MHLW Notification No. 370.


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