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The Sphera Energetic range brings new dynamics to homogeneous vinyl flooring. Sphera Energetic offers a playful combination of a coordinated colour palette and designs with different intensity and scale, making it fit for purpose for any function or intensity of use.

vivid items have two accent colours and are easy to combine with other Energetic designs
shimmer gets a natural terrazzo look from the angular chips, offering scratch resistance and dirt hiding properties
confetti is a mix of colours out of the uni range, giving the floor a random and exciting look
uni colours with the addition of transparent chips providing depth to the floor

- shimmer and confetti designs have excellent dirt hiding and scratch resistant properties
- SMART top finish specifically designed for easy cleaning
- low emissions and phthalate free manufacturing contribute to a healthy indoor environment


Sphera Energetic

    Sobre Sphera

    Sphera vinílico homogéneo

    Forbo Sphera está a marcar as novas tendências em vinílicos homogéneos. Sphera é produzido em instalações dotadas com as tecnologias mais modernas que permitem criar revestimentos inovadores.
    O resultado é um vinílico homogéneo premium!

    O homogéneo Sphera acrescenta valor e estilo em qualquer local onde seja aplicado. Seja um ambiente hospitalar onde a higiene é essencial, seja num edifício público moderno e multifuncional ou ainda num estabelecimento de ensino ou escritórios onde a cor e a durabilidade são palavras-chave.

    Design & cor
    • Uma nova tecnologia permite obter cores vivas e tons saturados, resultando numa gama com elevados valores de reflexão de luz (LRV)
    • A coleção Sphera tem uma paleta de 62 cores que combinam na perfeição com outros revestimentos do portfólio Forbo, como por exemplo o Marmoleum e os sistemas de proteção de entrada Coral.

    Tecnologia e sustentabilidade
    • Tecnologia de ponta permite qualidade e consistência
    • Energia verde e tecnologia "desperdício zero" garantem uma produção eficiente e sustentável
    • Sphera pode contribuir para um ambiente interior saudável pois é livre de ftalatos e tem baixas emissões

    Desempenho & durabilidade
    • Processo de gravação de padrão único ao qual se segue a camada de acabamento para um desempenho durável
    • Aplicação perfeita da camada de acabamento na linha de produção e que garante proteção total
    • Fórmula exclusiva do acabamento que tem características de proteção contra riscos e manchas, bem como elevada resistência aos químicos

    Explore a vibrante paleta de cores de Sphera

    Sphera Element vinílico homogéneo

    Caraterísticas técnicas

    Sphera Element 50046 corredor


    Sphera Element instalação vinílico homogéneo

    Limpeza e manutenção

    Sphera Element limpeza e manutenção

    About Sphera

    Sphera homogeneous vinyl

    Forbo Sphera is setting new standards in homogeneous flooring. It is produced in our brand new manufacturing plant where all the latest insights and technology have been used to create smart and innovative solutions.
    The result: a premium homogeneous vinyl floor covering!

    Our Sphera flooring adds character and style to floors across numerous applications. Whether in demanding, hygienic healthcare environments, in flexible, multi-purpose modern public buildings or in education facilities and offices where durability and colour are key.

    Why choose Sphera homogeneous vinyl?

    Design & colour
    • A new technology delivers bright and saturated hues, resulting in striking colour tones, many with high light reflection values (LRV)
    • Sphera offers a balanced colour palette that coordinates well with other Forbo floor coverings like Marmoleum and textile flooring

    Technology & sustainability
    • State of the art steel-belt press and thermofix technology provide consistent quality
    • Green energy and zero waste technology ensure efficient and sustainable manufacturing
    • Low emissions & phthalate free manufacturing contribute to a healthy indoor environment
    • Carefully selected raw materials offer possibilities for re-use after end of life

    Performance & durability
    • A unique embossing process following lacquer application delivers durable performance
    • In-line coating and subsequent embossing process provides superior appearance
    • The evenly distributed top-layer provides superior all over protection
    • The SMART-top surface finish ensures that Sphera has a high resistance to chemicals, scratches and stains

    Cross section Sphera Evolution

    Design concept

    Conscious design choices

    Different applications require different visuals. The Sphera Energetic collection has solutions for all intensities of use. The transparent accent chips in the floor are meant to disguise dirt and small imperfections.
    The collection consists of 4 different designs with lots of combination options.

    The 20 Uni colours provide a home-like, yet clean and contemporary look. With its improved SMART top layer, this visual can be safely used in application areas with moderate commercial use, especially when protective measures such as good entrance systems and appropriate leg protection for furniture are provided.

    The 12 Vivid items have a little pop of colour. This addition to the floor design makes it easy to combine with other items in the range, as all accents are selected from the 20 uni colours. A Vivid floor hides more dirt and imperfections thanks to the transparent and coloured accent chips. Ideal for open spaces, where a subtle pop of colour can be interesting, but should not be too overwhelming.

    The 7 Shimmer items have a natural terrazzo look thanks to the angular accent chips scattered randomly over a vivid base. Shimmer has been designed and developed for a high intensity of use. Its stunning design makes any space look its best. Transfer locations, classrooms, elevators and canteens; the accent chips provide superior appearance retention, including better scratch resistance.

    The 3 Confetti designs are a mix of colours from the Energetic range and give the floor a random confetti look. It is the most forgiving design in the Energetic collection. Confetti can be used in high-traffic corridors to lively break out zones and any other area that demands a statement. Even on the darkest colour, micro and deep scratches are hardly visible.

    In the magazine, you can see how colours appear in the four different design options and why they combine so well.

    Sphera Energetic moodboard


    Sphera Energetic images

    Here you can find photos of the different Sphera Energetic designs.
    Get inspired by this playful homogeneous vinyl collection!

    Installation & floorcare

    Sphera installation & floorcare

    The Sphera collection is treated with a specially developed SMART-top finish. This UV cured PUR-coating ensures Sphera has a high resistance to chemicals and stains. The surface treatment in combination with the embossing conceals any minor sub-floor imperfections that may be present and provides an easy to clean solution.

    Download here the Sphera cleaning & maintenance instructions
    Download here the Sphera installation guidelines

    Sphera Element cleaning & maintenance


    Sphera Energetic

    NCS & LRV

    NCS & LRV values

    Download here the Sphera Energetic NCS & LRV document

    In architecture, Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is a measure of the percentage of visible and usable light that is reflected from a surface when illuminated by a light source. The LRV can be linked to a number of decisions on which a colour can be chosen. The approximate LRV of a colour indicates the amount of visible light that a colour will reflect. Black has a light reflectance value of 0% and absorbs all light. White has a light reflectance value of 100% and keeps a building light and cool. It also links to the use of electricity where lighter colours need less lighting, which is a direct saving for the environment. All Forbo products carry a light reflection value, which can be found in the text next to the enlargement of the tabletop.

    NCS colour coding describes the colour of any material. With numeric colour codes, so called NCS Notations, such as NCS S 1080-Y70R, any colour can be described precisely. NCS has defined 1950 standardised colours at every 10th step of the colour space to represent the entire colour space. Each notation's colour sample is visually identical to any other colour sample of the same notation, whether it is a standardised colour or a colour in between the 1950 standard colours. This way you can find matching flooring colours with other coloured items in a room.

    The 'Natural Colour System' NCS has been developped in order to indentify the colour value, its intensity and hue for a product. By using the NCS maesurement system, colours and colour groups can be identified and matched regardless of the material that has been used. In this way colour coordinates for different aspects of the interior of a building can be determined. All Forbo Flooring products carry an NCS code, which can be found next to the enlargement of the tabletop and in our downloadcenter.

    Marmoleum Linear NCS & LRV