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Vinílico Homogéneo

Vinílico Homogéneo

Os revestimentos vinílicos são muito populares por causa da sua durabilidade, versatilidade e manutenção simples. O homogéneo é um pavimento composto por 1 única camada e que oferece cores vibrantes. É extremamente durável e muito resistente a manchas e por isso, é uma excelente escolha para áreas de tráfego intenso.

  • Vinílico Homogéneo
  • Vinílico Homogéneo
  • Vinílico Homogéneo
  • Vinílico Homogéneo
  • Sphera EC 450007 grey sky
    Sphera SD | EC

    Sphera SD | EC vinilico condutivo

    Sphera SD | EC é a coleção Forbo de vinílico homogéneo com propriedades condutivas, em rolo. A coleção foi especificamente desenhada para controlar as descargas estáticas e partículas na maioria dos ambientes sensíveis a esta caraterística como são os ambientes dedicados à saúde e informática. Sphera SD | EC garante as mais elevadas propriedades de higiene e também um controlo ESD permanente.

  • Sphera Elite_50491_50493
    Sphera Elite

    Sphera Elite

    A colecção de vinílico homogéneo da Forbo, Sphera Elite tem uma aparência intrigante. O seu padrão orgânico irá transformar a sua área num local apelativo.
    Com o seu aspecto descontraido e construção extremamente durável e leve, Sphera Elite proporcionará um desempenho excepcional durante muitos anos.

  • Sphera Element 50079
    Sphera Element

    Sphera Element

    Uma vasta gama de cores subtis, neutros suaves e tons contrastantes, sphera Element é ideal para usar em áreas onde se pretende que o revestimento se funda com o ambiente.

  • Sphera Energetic_52202_50225_50231_52216
    Sphera Energetic

    Sphera Energetic

    Sphera Energetic traz uma nova dinâmica aos pavimentos vinílicos homogéneos. Sphera Energetic oferece uma combinação lúdica de uma paleta coordenada de cores e desenhos com intensidade e escala diferentes, tornando-o adequado para qualquer função ou intensidade de utilização.

About Sphera

Innovative homogeneous vinyl

Forbo’s premium homogeneous vinyl collections under the brand Sphera have a diverse and fit for purpose design offer. The four distinctive collections, developed by our European design team, have their own character and profile and ensure that Sphera can add style to every project. All Sphera collections are carefully developed with different application areas in mind, providing a healthy and hygienic solution, using the latest production technology.

You can find more information in our digital Sphera magazine

Design & Colour
• Diverse offer of colours and designs to meet all potential requirements of dynamics in a building
• Infinite possibilities to combine within and between the collections and all coordinated with Forbo’s extended functional portfolio of floor coverings
• Contemporary globally relevant colour palette, including a large selection of colours with high LRV’s and low gloss to enhance user experience

Performance & Durability
• The SMART-top surface finish and its consistent application ensure the highest resistance to chemicals, scratches and stains, providing superior all over protection and easy cleaning
• Product development delivering relevant distinguishing features to offer fit for purpose solutions
• Sphera Element is approved for use in cleanrooms up to ISO class 4 by the Fraunhofer Institute

Technology & Sustainability
• Low emissions & phthalate free manufacturing contribute to a healthy indoor environment
• New technology powered by green electricity, delivers consistent quality in an efficient and sustainable way with zero waste
• Carefully selected raw materials to offer possibilities for recycling after end of life
• Low electricity and water use thanks to the efficient state-of-art production process

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Find your Sphera solution

Choose the best Sphera solution for your project

Each Sphera collection has its own signature. Each range meets different requirements and wishes for today’s project environment. Each in its own way and each with its own advantages, but always beautiful. Together they form the most complete offer in premium homogeneous vinyl.

All Sphera collections contain a balanced selection of neutral greys, naturals and trend colours that fit into any interior. The collections are designed to be used together and where relevant in combination with other Forbo products.
The full Sphera range is premium quality, but the differences between the collections make it possible to choose the best specification for each project.

Elite - the most sophisticated and care free solution
Sphera Elite has an intriguing appearance. Making subtle reference to natural materials, the organic pattern will transform your area into an appealing place. Sphera Elite will deliver very good performance for many years with its forgiving look and extremely durable and lightweight construction. Even in the most demanding environments you do not have to worry about the look and behaviour of your floor.

Element - the widest and most complete colour offer
Sphera Element is recognized to offer the most complete colour proposition in the market. With a wide range of subtle and soft neutrals and contrasting tones, Element is ideal for use in areas where the floor is required to blend with the environment. The carefully selected outspoken pastels and bright accent colours are ideal for areas requiring zoning or to create an authentic and welcoming interior.

Energetic - the most energizing and dynamic offer
Sphera Energetic brings new dynamics to homogeneous vinyl flooring. With its vibrant visuals it answers the diverse needs found in modern spaces. Sphera Energetic offers a playful combination of a coordinated colour palette and designs with different intensity and scale, making it fit for purpose for any function or intensity of use.

Sphera SD | EC – keep your environment under control
Sphera SD | EC is Forbo's homogeneous vinyl flooring collection with conductive properties in sheet format. The collection is specifically designed to control static discharges and particles in the most sensitive environments, such as pharmaceutical, MedTech and healthcare facilities. Sphera SD | EC ensures the highest hygienic properties and provides permanent ESD control.

Sphera Element


Creating better environments

From how they’re made to how they perform, Forbo Flooring Systems makes outstanding products that are truly sustainable.

Avoid waste
From the initial concept, Forbo’s premium homogeneous vinyl floor Sphera was developed to avoid unnecessary waste and to minimize the use of energy and raw materials. Producing Sphera at 2 mm in one step, without back sanding, reduces waste by 10-15%. Our internal 'back to the floor' recycling program ensures that all waste is reused on site in the backing of our heterogeneous vinyl flooring.

Save energy
Sphera is produced in one of the most modern and efficient plants for the production of homogeneous vinyl. It is produced with 100% green electricity with minimal impact on the environment.

Circular flooring ambition
Post-consumer waste represents a major challenge for the industry in terms of collection and transport as well as selection and processing. Forbo Flooring Systems is an active participant in the EU funded Circular Flooring project, which aims to establish a circular recycling process for plasticized PVC from post-consumer flooring waste.

Environmental Product Declaration
Forbo Flooring Systems was one of the first companies in the world with complete Environmental Product Declarations for our products, including additional information to show the impact on human health and eco toxicity.
Dowload here the Sphera EPD

creating better environments

Technical specifications

Sphera Energetic