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A Forbo Flooring desenvolveu para o Brasil um piso vinílico compacto indicado para áreas como da saúde, escolares e corporativas, que combina facilmente com o ambiente desejado e pode complementar perfeitamente outras coleções da Forbo.

Eternal Ótimo é um piso resistente, com uma magnífica estabilidade dimensional graças à fibra de vidro, uma excelente resistência à abrasão e deslizamento, com um design atraente que proporciona um aspecto de limpeza.


Eternal Ótimo

    Eternal impressão digital

    Eternal impressão digital

    Nossa nova coleção de vinílicos Eternal inclui uma série de pisos com designs digitalmente impressos que oferecem uma nova dimensão em cores e desenhos, enquanto retém a ótima performance de especificação da coleção Eternal.

    Nossa avançada tecnologia de impressão digital muniu a nossa equipe de design com as ferramentas necessárias para desenvolver visuais marcantes que não poderiam ser criados mediante técnicas convencionais de impressão: um arco íris de cores sem repetição de padrões em uma largura de 10 metros ou crateras espetaculares com pedras preciosas polidas, disponíveis em uma escala customizada.

    Eternal Digital Print 44912 colourful geode


    Criando ambientes melhores

    • Nossos pisos vinílicos para uso geral contêm aproximadamente 50% de conteúdo reciclado em suas bases e são 100% livre de ftalatos.

    • Todos os nossos produtos são fabricados na Europa onde as mais rigorosas normas sobre conteúdo químico, como a REACH, são preenchidas.

    • 100% da eletricidade advém de fontes renováveis e nossas áreas de produção de vinílicos são aprte de um efetivo sistema de gestão ambiental, os quais garantiram a certificação ISO 14001.

    • Utilizamos materiais resistentes e acabamentos duráveis em nossos pisos vinílicos. Nossa tecnologia de micro-gravuras reduz a necessidade do uso de químicos na limpeza e aumenta o ciclo de vida do piso.

    Creating better environments

    The collection

    The collection

    Product construction
    Eternal is created around a nonwoven, fully impregnated, glass fleece core which provides dimensional stability and allows a lean-development approach, resulting in a sustainable compact, high tech base. Adding to stability and determining the high quality standard of Eternal project vinyl is the optimized calandered backing; a firm yet flexible layer to allow easy installation, even when coving is required or in wetroom applications. The unique and innovative embossed wear layer ensures maximum wear resistance and provides optimal appearance retention. The backing layer of the construction, contains up to 50% re-used content.

    All of the Eternal designs are true originals, created by an in-house team of expert designers who translate the latest trends in classic, contemporary as well as modern and advanced flooring designs that cannot be distinguished from their original material expressions, like wooden and concrete floors. .

    PUR Pearl and PUR Wood Pearl
    For the majority of our designs Forbo uses it’s proven PUR Pearl lacquering protection technique. The application technique for the lacquering layer assures an even amount of lacquering both on top and in the deeper areas of the embossing. It prevents the surface collecting dirt and is the best guarantee for quality and gloss consistency that ensures low maintenance costs.

    New in this collection are 8 items that are introduced with a specific PUR Wood embossing, offering the best possible performance on an all over wood grain design with integrated Pearl effect. The mat embossed lacquer layer ensures the highest level of both chemical- and scuff resistance.

    Phthalate free
    All Eternal collections are created with the highest environmental stands in mind using the best qualified virgin materials as well as controlled recycled content creating a closed loop production. In addition all items in the Eternal range are phthalate free.

    Eternal collection

    Cleaning & maintenance

    Cleaning & maintenance

    Forbo FloorCare method
    The Forbo project vinyl collections are easy to clean and maintain, thanks to their smooth and highly durable PUR coated surface.

    Read more in about maintenance & floorcare in Eternal Floorcare method

    Floorcare method


    Eternal for every segment

    Forbo’s Eternal flooring collection offers an extensive range of realistic wood floors, stone and abstract designs, a broad palette of colours and imaginative digitally printed visuals designed to inspire. Eternal design vinyl sheet meets all the functional and practical requirements demanded in various segments.

    Leisure & Hospitality
    Eternal offers you what is probably the larest range of inspiring material and abstract flooring designs that you can find in the market today.

    Elderly Care
    Eternal flooring makes private-and community spaces, reception and food courts like intimate areas with a natural look that feels like home.

    Whether you consider the entire floor or focus on a shop in shop concept, Eternal will leave you with plenty to choose from to create a stunning retail environment.

    The learning environment requires a low maintenance, hardwearing floor that keeps up it's good looks for years on end.

    Health care
    Eternal fulfils the 3 key critera for healthcare flooring; assuring hygiene, helping to control bacteria growth by providing ease of cleaning & maintenace.

    Create an office which is not just a place to work but create a surrounding to amplify equilibium between thought and inspiration. Etermal migth just do that.

    Eternal segments

    PUR Pearl protection

    PUR Pearl protection

    The majority of our Eternal floors feature Forbo’s proven PUR Pearl lacquering protection technique. The technique for applying the lacquering layer ensures an even distribution of PUR Pearl on both the surface and in the deeper areas of the embossing. This helps to prevent the surface of Eternal becoming soiled and reduces maintenance costs.

    New to this collection are 8 items that are finished with a specific PUR Wood embossing, offering the best possible performance on an all over wood grain design with integrated Pearl effect. The matt embossed lacquer layer ensures the highest level of both chemical and scuff resistance.

    PUR Pearl



    A high quality installation is of utmost importance for a trouble free and durable lifetime of your Eternal floor.

    Download here the Project Vinyl Installation Manual

    Project vinyl installation.