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Vinilici omogenei

Vinilici omogenei

I pavimenti vinilici sono molto popolari perché offrono durata, facilità di manutenzione e versatilità. Il pavimento vinilico omogeneo è composto da 1 strato unico ed è caratterizzato da colori brillanti e intensi. L’incredibile durevolezza e resistenza alle macchie lo rendono una scelta perfetta per ambienti molto trafficati. Dopo la gamma Nordstar, la Forbo presenta il nuovo pavimento vinilico omogeneo Sphera, prodotto con una tecnologia ultra-moderna e con disegni straordinari.

  • Vinilici omogenei
  • Vinilici omogenei
  • Sphera Element 50045
    Sphera Vinilico omogeneo


    Sphera è il nuovo pavimento vinilico omogeneo della Forbo realizzato nel nuovissimo impianto di produzione che si avvale di una tecnologia ultramoderna. Ha una superficie goffrata unica che garantisce prestazioni eccezionali. Sphera ha basse emissioni ed è senza ftalati al 100%. Sphera, progettato dal Team di Design Forbo in Europa, offre elevati valori di riflessione della luce (LRV) e tonalità sature e vivaci.

    In questa pagina scoprite gli splendidi colori delle 4 collezioni Sphera.

  • Sphera EC 450007 grey sky
    Sphera SD | EC

    Sphera SD | EC vinilico conduttivo

    Sphera SD | EC è la collezione di pavimenti vinilici omogenei con proprietà conduttive nel formato in teli. Questa collezione è progettata specificamente per il controllo delle cariche elettrostatiche in ambienti delicati come l’industria farmaceutica, diagnostica o le strutture ospedaliere. Sphera SD | EC garantisce igiene e proprietà ESD permanenti.
    v. Magazine Digitale Sphera

About Sphera

Innovative homogeneous vinyl

Forbo’s premium homogeneous vinyl collections under the brand Sphera have a diverse and fit for purpose design offer. The four distinctive collections, developed by our European design team, have their own character and profile and ensure that Sphera can add style to every project. All Sphera collections are carefully developed with different application areas in mind, providing a healthy and hygienic solution, using the latest production technology.

Design & Colour
• Diverse offer of colours and designs to meet all potential requirements of dynamics in a building
• Infinite possibilities to combine within and between the collections and all coordinated with Forbo’s extended functional portfolio of floor coverings
• Contemporary globally relevant colour palette, including a large selection of colours with high LRV’s and low gloss to enhance user experience

Performance & Durability
• The SMART-top surface finish and its consistent application ensure the highest resistance to chemicals, scratches and stains, providing superior all over protection and easy cleaning
• Product development delivering relevant distinguishing features to offer fit for purpose solutions
• Sphera Element is approved for use in cleanrooms up to ISO class 4 by the Fraunhofer Institute

Technology & Sustainability
• Low emissions & phthalate free manufacturing contribute to a healthy indoor environment
• New technology powered by green electricity, delivers consistent quality in an efficient and sustainable way with zero waste
• Carefully selected raw materials to offer possibilities for recycling after end of life
• Low electricity and water use thanks to the efficient state-of-art production process

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Creating better environments

From how they’re made to how they perform, Forbo Flooring Systems makes outstanding products that are truly sustainable.

Avoid waste
From the initial concept, Forbo’s premium homogeneous vinyl floor Sphera was developed to avoid unnecessary waste and to minimize the use of energy and raw materials. Producing Sphera at 2 mm in one step, without back sanding, reduces waste by 10-15%. Our internal 'back to the floor' recycling program ensures that all waste is reused on site in the backing of our heterogeneous vinyl flooring.

Save energy
Sphera is produced in one of the most modern and efficient plants for the production of homogeneous vinyl. It is produced with 100% green electricity with minimal impact on the environment.

Circular flooring ambition
Post-consumer waste represents a major challenge for the industry in terms of collection and transport as well as selection and processing. Forbo Flooring Systems is an active participant in the EU funded Circular Flooring project, which aims to establish a circular recycling process for plasticized PVC from post-consumer flooring waste.

Environmental Product Declaration
Forbo Flooring Systems was one of the first companies in the world with complete Environmental Product Declarations for our products, including additional information to show the impact on human health and eco toxicity.
Here you can find the Sphera EPD

creating better environments

Technical specifications

Sphera Energetic