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Écolabels et certification

Conformément à notre stratégie de développement durable, nos produits sont régulièrement évalués par des instituts et systèmes de certification indépendants.

C'est une bonne chose pour Forbo, car cela nous permet d'attirer l'attention du public sur notre histoire en matière de développement durable et, en même temps, de rester attentifs aux améliorations possibles. Et c'est une bonne chose pour vous, car cela prouve que d'autres spécialistes de l'environnement pensent également que nos sols sont parmi les plus durables et les plus performants de leur catégorie.

En savoir plus sur les différents labels environnementaux qui ont été attribués à nos produits :

Quality Marks Linoleum

Der Blaue Engel

Der Blaue Engel

We have been awarded Der Blaue Engel for our linoleum floor coverings Marmoleum, Linoflex, Linoleum Tile, Sport Linoleum, Decibel and Acoustic as well as for our textile floor coverings Object Needle Fleece Forte / Forte Graphic and Markant / Markant Graphic.

Der Blaue Engel is the world's oldest environmental protection label for products and services. This eco-label identifies products and services with the best possible ecological characteristics and contributes significantly to accelerating the structural change of the economy towards sustainable development. Today, about 15,000 products and services in about 200 product categories carry Der Blaue Engel.

In the categories for elastic and textile floor coverings, Der Blaue Engel makes a healthy alternative for consumers recognizable. The "Blaue Engel" award is given to resilient floor coverings which are produced in an environmentally friendly manner, are safe from a health point of view in the living environment and do not contain pollutants that interfere with recovery. In the category of textile floor coverings, products are awarded that emit particularly small quantities of organic compounds and formaldehyde into the indoor air and, from a health point of view, are regarded as harmless in the living environment.

Further information about Der Blaue Engel can be found at:

Der Blaue Engel logo

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel works to reduce the environmental impact from production and consumption of goods – and to make it easy for consumers and professional buyers to choose the environmentally best goods and services.

Flooring is a heterogeneous project group that comprises several different materials/raw materials and combinations of materials. The floor coverings that may be Nordic Ecolabelled are wooden flooring (both solid wood floors and parquet), laminate flooring, linoleum flooring, cork flooring, bamboo flooring, textile flooring and plastic flooring free from PVC. As a multi-issue label, Nordic Ecolabelling sets requirements in all relevant areas of the lifecycle, where there is good steerability.

A Nordic Ecolabelled floor covering:
• Has a high proportion of renewable and/or recycled materials
• Meets stringent requirements on chemicals harmful to health and the environment
• Guarantees low emissions and a good indoor environment
• Has been manufactured energy efficiently
• Has good durability

More info about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel at:

Nordic Swan eco label

UL certified EPD

UL certified Environmental Product Declaration

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a comprehensive, internationally-harmonized report that documents the ways in which a product, throughout its lifecycle, affects the environment.

EPDs can be developed after a product life cycle assessment (LCA) is conducted, and are based on applicable product category rules (PCRs).

As an EPD Program Operator, UL Environment helps manufacturers locate existing or create new PCRs and then certifies that all information in a manufacturer’s LCA and finished EPD is accurate. UL Environment also provides Transparency Summary documents to make key information included in the EPD more assessable.

More about UL:

Interested in our Marmoleum EPD's?
EPD Linoleum

UL certified environmental product declaration



Marmoleum 2.5mm and Linoflex are the only linoleum floor coverings awarded the natureplus quality label for sustainable home and building products.

natureplus is the International Association for Sustainable Building and Living with about 100 members in many European countries. The aim of the association is to enforce sustainable development in the construction sector. For this purpose, the association awards the natureplus quality label.

The natureplus quality label stands for health compatibility, environmentally friendly production, protection of finite resources and usability. Products with this symbol consist predominantly of renewable or naturally conserved raw materials. Demanding tests and Europe's strictest limits for harmful substances guarantee the safety of the certified products.

More information about natureplus can be found at:

natureplus label

Österreichisches Umweltzeichen

Österreichisches Umweltzeichen

Our linoleum floorings Marmoleum and Linoflex, Linoleum Modular, Linoleum Decibel and Linoleum Acoustic have been awarded the Österreichisches Umweltzeichen.

The Österreichisches Umweltzeichen is awarded to products and services that meet high standards of environmental and quality performance. Products bearing this eco-label must comply with a number of environmental criteria and demonstrate their compliance with an independent report. Only those certified environmentally friendly products that have a reasonable suitability for use and quality are awarded. In this way, the eco-label combines high environmental standards with quality and product safety.

Further information on the Österreichisches Umweltzeichen is available at:

Oesterreichisches Umweltzeichen