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Allura - Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Allura for life

  • Allura for life_Decibel
  • Allura for life_Puzzle
  • Allura for life_Flex
  • Allura for life_Click pro

Allura for life

Life is a play with many acts. And every act has its floor to perform on. Whatever life throws at your feet, the new Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles collection is there to support you every step of the way. Carefully designed to be flexible, easily laid, durable and - vitally - to give you the design freedom to bring any interior to life.

Made for every stage in life

Allura is a flooring system that suits any scene imaginable. From the children's bedroom where a child can be creative and crafty. A housing segment suitable for Allura Decibel, Allura Dryback 0.4 or Allura Flex. But also for the next stage of life when we are young adults and going to school. Allura Puzzle is an excellent flooring solution for intensive-use areas such as schools and universities and can be easily replaced when a space changes function.
In our professional life, we will come across Allura Dryback and Flex in various office and hospitality & leisure spaces. Flooring types that offer all design freedom, for example for more expressive patterns or designs. In the last stage of life, Allura Click is the ideal flooring solution for use in private rooms in elderly homes. A loose lay, clickable design solution that offers excellent product properties to withstand challenges such as wheelchairs and creative grandchildren.

Allura for Life_Click

Made for end users

Allura is Forbo’s worldwide brand of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) and has established itself as one of the most popular brands in our product portfolio. It is made for end users and professionals in the flooring business by professionals in commercial flooring. We study how people work, live and interact in today’s commercial interiors. We connect this knowledge to future trends and the changing dynamics of a building; we use our findings to innovate and differentiate our portfolio of products through design and function.

We solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges by providing answers to key issues such as limiting valuable downtime, the re-use of floors and minimising environmental impacts by being circular ready.

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  • Allura Dryback

    Allura Dryback 0.7

    fully adhered LVT

    Allura Dryback 0.7 collection

    Allura Dryback 0.7 is the highest specified, fully adhered LVT floor covering in Forbo's portfolio. The large range of designs offers you all design freedom!

  • Allura Dryback

    Allura Dryback 0.55

    fully adhered LVT

    Allura Dryback 0.55 collection

    Allura Dryback 0.55 is the core, fully adhered LVT floor covering in Forbo's portfolio. The wide range of designs and shapes offers you all design freedom!

  • Allura Dryback

    Allura Dryback 0.4

    fully adhered LVT

    Allura Dryback 0.4 collection

    Allura Dryback 0.4 is the economic, fully adhered LVT floor covering in Forbo's portfolio. The most beautiful and relevant designs for your residential project!

  • Allura Flex

    Allura Flex 1.0

    loose lay LVT

    Allura Flex 1.0 collection

    Allura Flex 1.0 is the best loose lay LVT flooring solution for demanding applications. The large range of designs offers you all design freedom!

  • Allura Flex

    Allura Flex 0.55

    loose lay LVT

    Allura Flex 0.55 collection

    Allura Flex 0.55 is a unique loose lay LVT flooring solution for your office or housing projects. The Material and Wood designs offer you all design freedom!

  • Allura Click

    Allura Click Pro

    clickable loose lay LVT

    Allura Click Pro collection

    Allura Click Pro is Forbo's clickable LVT solution that can be installed without adhesive. Elegant designs in wood and stone decors, realistic plank sizes and true tone colours.

  • Allura Puzzle

    Allura Puzzle

    puzzle connected loose lay LVT

    Allura Puzzle collection

    Allura Puzzle floors require minimal subfloor preparation, are quick to install and immediately ready for use. Ideal for loose lay installations in high-traffic areas.

  • Allura Decibel

    Allura Decibel 0.8

    acoustic LVT

    Allura Decibel 0.8 collection

    Allura Decibel 0.8 is the best LVT flooring solution for use in demanding applications where acoustic properties are as important as product performance.

  • Allura Decibel

    Allura Decibel 0.35

    acoustic LVT

    Allura Decibel 0.35 collection

    Allura Decibel 0.35 luxury vinyl tiles are very suitable for use in any room in your home where acoustic properties are as important as product performance.

Find your Allura solution

Every project is different and has its own specific demands. This can be in relation to the subfloor, the volume of traffic that passes through, or the size of the project. Within our Allura LVT portfolio we offer solutions for all types of applications. Depending on the requirements for your project, you can choose for a specific vinyl tiles construction: fully adhered, loose lay, tackified loose lay, click connected or puzzle connected loose lay.

Allura Dryback - fully adhered

• Largest choice in design, colour, size and shape
• Most durable, reliable product for applications of any size
• Maximum certainty and performance with a glued down product

Allura Dryback is available with a wear layer of 0.7, 0.55 and 0.4 mm thick.

1: embossed lacquer | 2: wear layer | 3: printed design layer | 4: glass fleece carrier | 5. calandered balanced backing layer with recycled content

Allura dryback construction

Allura Flex" - loose lay and tackified loose lay

• Easy and quick installation
• Can be installed fully loose laid up to 150m2 and with tackifier for larger installations
• High quality, dimensionally stable product with extra balance layer
• Provides answers to today's key issues, such as limiting valuable downtime and being ready for the circular economy

Allura Flex is available with a wear layer of 1.0 and 0.55 mm thick.

1: embossed lacquer | 2: wear layer | 3: printed design layer | 4: glass fleece carrier | 5: balance layer | 6: calandered balanced layer with recycled content | 7: mechanical foam backing

Allura Flex" construction

Allura Click Pro - click connected loose lay

• Clickable solution for any area up to 1000m2
• Suitable for use with uneven subfloors and is genuinely adhesive free
• Easy to remove and re-use the floor

1: embossed lacquer | 2: wear layer | 3: click interlocking system | 4: printed design layer | 5: glass fleece carrier | 6: calandered balanced backing layer with recycled content

Allura Click Pro construction

Allura Puzzle - puzzle connected loose lay

• High traffic solution with strong puzzle connection
• Minimal subfloor preparation and quick to install
• Large tile format in Wood and Material colourways that is ready to use immediately

1: embossed lacquer | 2: wear layer | 3: printed design layer | 4: strong dove tail connection | 5: glass fleece carrier | 6: calandered balanced layer with recycled content | 7: structured backing

Allura Puzzle construction

Allura Decibel - superior acoustic performance

• Offers 19 dB impact sound reduction for superior acoustic performance
• Possible loose lay on tackifier installation method makes installation quick and easy
• Available in different tile and planks sizes and in realistic Wood and Material effects

Allura Decibel is available with a wear layer of 0.8 and 0.35 mm thick.

1: embossed lacquer | 2: wear layer | 3: printed design layer | 4: calandered balanced layer with recycled content | 5: acoustic layer 19 dB

Allura Decibel construction

Fast flooring

Allura’s Fast Flooring solutions are adhesive free floor coverings, which are quick and easy to install whilst also being sustainable due to their re-usable and/or recyclable nature.

Fast Flooring

Adhesive-free Fast Flooring has been designed to be laid straight down onto existing, damp or damaged subfloors, with minimal preparation. This significantly reduces installation time by over 50% and means that refurbishment work can be completed over the weekend, overnight or even whilst the building is still in full operation, saving both time and money.

Due to the fact that installation is completely free of adhesives, no setting or drying time needs to be factored into the project and there is no need to wait for 48 hours before using with heavy traffic. Once the floor has been fitted, it is ready for use immediately. Furniture can be put back in its original place and facilities can resume as normal.

When the time eventually comes to replace an adhesive-free floor covering, they are easy to uplift and re-use. At the end of their service life they can be easily removed and recycled. Subfloors remain clean and undamaged, ready for a new installation.

Fast flooring logo

Loose lay vs Glued down installation

Allura Puzzle & Click

Allura Puzzle tiles have a strong dovetail connection that makes it suitable for large scale and heavy traffic applications. The 96x96 cm tiles are connected by a tight puzzle connection that is barely noticeable after installation. Thanks to its great dimensional stability the max. area of installation is 2000m2 without the use of expansion joints.

Allura Click Pro provides a clickable design solution for any area up to 1000m2 without transition. Allura Click is a true loose laid quick to install flooring solution with a strong and proven ‘click’ system.

Allura Flex & Decibel

Allura Flex is a unique loose lay solution in LVT that can be installed fully loose laid up to 150m2 and with tackifier for larger installations. The second generation Flex technology makes the floors unprecedented in dimensional stability, strength, performance and quality.

Allura Decibel is Forbo’s acoustic LVT flooring solution. The luxury vinyl tiles offer a unique combination of 19 dB acoustic performance and excellent technical properties. The possible loose lay on tackifier installation method makes installation quick and easy.

Allura Click installation

Allura Click

Allura Puzzle installation

Allura Puzzle


Many of the flooring systems and building materials used today have an impact on the planet. The right flooring can help lower emissions and reduce waste – that’s why we want to contribute with more sustainable solutions.

The pillars of our ambition

Transparency is the foundation for making the right circular choices. With life cycle assessments as our constant guide in doing right, we continue to lead the industry towards new environmental standards. Our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are third-party certified - that way we can ensure full transparency.

True circularity is to go all the way around. We think circular in everything we do. We work on creating products that keep the end in mind – and do this throughout our design process and choice of materials.

We want to be the trusted partner for fully circular flooring solutions made with renewable raw materials.

Read more about Forbo's sustainability program Going Round Moving Forward

Going Round Moving Forward

Our Allura luxury vinyl tiles are developed and designed to create value during use and after, keeping both the environment and users in mind. We are guided by five themes that we need to go around to meet our ambition.

Product design with circularity and users in mind

Product design with circularity and users in mind

• More than 50% of the Allura range can be installed loose lay, ready for circular use
• Allura is a 100% phthalate free vinyl
• Fully transparent choices through the use of third-party verified EPDs, using only 100% safe and traceable REACH compliant materials
• All Allura products are manufactured with 100% green energy and have very low product emissions (below the industry average)
• Wide variety of product solutions, suitable for all kinds of purposes to meet the exact use and maintenance needs for the application

Maximizing the use of sustainable & renewable flooring materials

• Maximised use of recycled content in all products, up to more than 30% in Allura and the actual content is published in our EPDs
• Verified supply chain certification - ISO 14001 and 9001 standards and SA8000 for ethical supply chain
• All our raw materials meet the strictest health requirements

Maximizing the use of sustainable and renewable flooring materials
Carbon neutral and zero-waste production

Carbon neutral and zero-waste production

• Allura's production is based on the zero waste principles - everything that is waste goes back into the product
• Allura is produced in an environment where substantial CO2 reductions have been achieved and where additional improvements are planned

Highly durable and fit-for-purpose solutions

• Modular Allura flooring installations save time and money, installation waste and the environment
• 100% functional product build up, including proven PUR protection for long-lasting performance, even under demanding circumstances
• Forbo Flooring offers compatible Coral entrance flooring to keep Allura cleaner for longer and reduce cleaning by up to 65%

Highly durable and fit-for-purpose solutions
Recreating value at the end

Recreating value at the end

• Back to the floor projects - returned floors can be recycled to close the material loop, vinyl is a very suitable material to recycle at least up to 10x
• Allura's loose lay portfolio helps to extend the lifetime of a floor, it doesn't stop after one lifetime; consider reuse in other projects, refurbishing and repurposing before recycling

Dynamics of a building

There is an increase in demand for transitional environments; spaces need to be able to evolve and adapt to new functions. These constantly changing spaces require walls and floors that can perform as a chameleon, with timeless colours and basic materials.

Global Colour Card

Trends and changing mindsets inspired the Forbo Design team to develop a Global Colour Card. Instead of defining segment-related colour ranges, the team analysed the different dynamics taking place within a building. The Global Colour Card framework represents the dialogue between the selected colours and the way they are grouped together to set the tone, rather than the individual colour. As it is the overall expression of the selected colours that represents the defined atmosphere, the individual colours can easily be updated when needed whilst keeping the total feel intact.

The following themes were identified: Receiving, Moving, Connecting, Concentrating and Recharging. Each theme refers to the different identities a space can have. They express a particular state of a person or an activity taking place within the building.



The theme ‘Receiving’ describes the scenario of a person entering a building, making a transition from the outdoors to the indoors. A space where one should feel welcome and which is accessible and transparent as first impressions are key.

This is the area of the building that should clearly represent the ‘feel’ of the brand and meet the customer's expectations so that they feel comfortable and at home. A range of natural and neutral colours could provide the base to create a warm and welcoming ambience.


'Moving’ represents the move towards the destination and the purpose of why someone is in a building Getting from A to B, for example from the reception desk to the person you want to meet or the transition between departments.

Orientation is priority, so these areas should be clearly readable and offer guidance even when one is stressed. The space needs to be legible and aid with wayfinding.



The dynamic of a ‘Connecting’ space signifies areas where you will connect with other people within a building, such as open public spaces for spontaneous interactions or semi-open spaces for dialogues or brainstorms. These areas allow for an extrovert energy boost or to give the brain time out.

Here, colours and materials can be more complicated, such as layered colour schemes with unexpected combinations, to spark interest and curiosity and to inspire thoughts.


Within the 'Concentrate' theme, the focus is on the individual and avoiding unwelcome distractions.

It concerns secluded spaces for privacy and focus, and while concentrating, people need a muted ambiance and good acoustic properties. Therefore, colour palettes in this part of a building should be subtle and quiet.

Allura _63666_63749_60084


'Recharging' is connected to mindfulness and describes relaxed environments where people can retreat and be themselves.

This area of the building should reflect a homely atmosphere, allowing people to refresh and recharge and enabling a sense of temporary ownership. Light and fresh shades should be used here to encourage people to take a break, breathe and escape.

Flooring combinations

The Allura collection offers many designs available in multiple installation formats: glued, tackified and loose lay. This makes it possible to install one type of design everywhere, independent from subfloor conditions or available refurbishment time. For truly integrated flooring solutions, Allura LVT can also be combined with other flooring products from our portfolio.

Allura & Tessera

In areas where you need improved acoustics and comfort underfoot or where you want to highlight certain areas like a breakout room, you can play with Allura and Tessera. Use your imagination and design the ultimate office, leisure or hospitality project with these two flooring products.

Carpet tiles are renowned for their aesthetic styling and outstanding performance in the most demanding heavy traffic environments. Forbo's Tessera floors are available in a variety of designs and tufting techniques creating very different looks. In addition to tiles, some Tessera collections also offer plank formats.

Allura & Tessera Cloudscape
Allura & Flotex Colour

Allura & Flotex

Whether you want Flotex as a highlight feature in your floor design or really combine it in your design, you can choose. Flotex is available in sheet, planks and tiles. The planks have the same installation height as our Allura Flex luxury vinyl tiles, allowing a smooth transition from one to the other without the need for transition strips.

Flotex is a unique textile floor covering that combines the hard wearing and durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the quality, warmth and comfort of a carpet. Flotex is a strong and hygienic floor and offers superior cleaning performance compared to other textile floor coverings.

Allura & Coral

Every floor needs protection from dirt and moisture from outside. With Forbo's Coral entrance flooring collection this can be an integrated design area that complements your entrance and integrates with the floor behind it.

Entrance flooring is fundamental to modern building design. A well designed entrance flooring system will prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked in and thereby prolongs the life of interior flooring, reduces cleaning & maintenance costs and the potential for slip injuries.

Allura & Coral Brush