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Showtime Experience Ecosystems consists out of a range of four individual graphic nature designs that hint to the great outdoors with a playful twist.

The four Ecosystems prints are available in a wide choice of colours



    About Needlefelt Showtime

    Showtime: hardwearing performance

    To meet the needs of the hotel and leisure segment, our designers have created an exclusive needlefelt collection that combines performance, originality and ease of maintenance. Our Showtime needlefelt & Flotex floor coverings give a unique signature to leisure locations like hotels, student residences, cinemas and theaters.

    All these places have one thing in common and that is the need for a very durable floor covering to cope with many people that walk over it. Needlefelt and Flotex offer the hardwearing performance and the ease of maintenance that those places require thanks to their high quality fibers that provide extra protection from dirt and soiling.

    Showtime is presented in 3 collections that are designed to be combined together and offer stunning floor designs.

    Showtime Nuance
    This uni coloured needlefelt range consist of 20 colour options, designed to combine with Showtime Experience and the specially designed Flotex Vision designs.

    Showtime Experience
    Showtime Experience needlefelt presents 16 designs in 4 design directions: Heritage, Ecosystems, Metropolis and Wonderlab. All designs are available in several colourways. One colour per design is available from stock, the other colours can be ordered with a minimum order quantity of 400 m2.

    Flotex Vision
    To be able to fulfil all needs within the leisure and hospitality industry we have complemented the Showtime needlefelt range with 4 Flotex Vision designs in several colour tones.

    Showtime Heritage 08-11 933202 + Nuance 900206


    Showtime brochure cover

    Technical specifications

    Showtime Technical Specifications


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