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Modul'Up Adhesive Free Sheet Vinyl

Forbo offers a wide range of installation, cleaning and maintenance products via our sister company Forbo Eurocol and a number of local UK partners.

Forbo Adhesive Guide

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For full details on all Eurocol adhesives, sealers, primers and subfloor leveling products suitable for use with Forbo floor coverings please visit the Eurocol website: Forbo Eurocol

Installation Products

Download the installation instructions for our Modul'up adhesive free sheet vinyl ranges here:

Modul'up Single Sided Tape

Modul'up single sided tape

The unique Modul'up tape is part of the Modul'up system. To get all the benefits of a complete adhesive free installation, Forbo recommends the use of the tape for all Modul'up installations.

Article reference: 792
Order Unit:roll
Coverage:up to 50lm

bande de jonction Modul'up

Skirtings & Profiles

Leveling Compounds and Sealants

Leveling Compounds & Sealants

Forbo Eurocol is a leading manufacturer/supplier of technical products for renovation and new construction projects. Specialists in tile adhesives, grout materials and leveling compounds and all ancillary products, we also manufacture a complete range of adhesives for the installation of floor and wall coverings.
Eurocol Products

Eurocol primer


Forbo FloorCare method for Modul'up Adhesive Free Vinyl

The Forbo Modul'up ranges are easy to clean and maintain thansk to their Overclean XL surface treatment, which ensures that the product remains easy to maintain throughout its service life, and provided stain-resistance.

Please download the cleaning and maintenance advice opposite for specific instructions.

Recommended FloorCare Product - M2 Ultra

M2 Ultra is a cleaning chemical that has been specifically developed by our UK C&M partner, Wrennalls, and is suitable for all Forbo floor coverings.
M2 Ultra is Available to purchase online

For further information, please contact Wrennalls on 01772 435 739 or

M2 Ultra

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