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Marmoleum FR² is a linoleum floor covering created using a high percentage of natural raw materials, with renewable and recycled content and independently confirmed as CO₂ neutral (cradle to gate).

Marmoleum FR² includes Topshield pro, a double layer, UV-cured finish that is scratch and scuff resistant.


Marmoleum FR²

    About Marmoleum FR²

    Marmoleum FR²

    Marmoleum has a track record of over 150 years. A natural floor covering that is associated with sustainability, durability, high quality and innovative design.

    For the rail sector, Marmoleum FR² offers total versatility in terms of colour and design, but what makes these floor coverings really stand out is the fact that they are created using a high percentage of natural raw materials, with renewable and recycled contents.

    • Homogeneous durable construction
    • A sustainable floor covering
    • Low life cycle costs – can be renovated and repaired
    • A floor covering that is naturally bacteriostatic
    • Reaction to fire EN45545-2: HL2*
    • Lightweight at 2.9kg/m²
    • Wide range of designs and colourways
    • Aquajet cut to shape/size service available
    • Suitable for use with underfloor heating

    *We have extensive test certification available in various substrate and adhesive combinations. Please contact us for further details.

    Infection control & Allergy UK
    Independent testing by the University of Glasgow has proved that Marmoleum has a unique suitability for a diverse range of environments where hygiene and control of bacteria are important.

    Topshield pro
    All Marmoleum FR² floors include Topshield pro, a double layer, UV-cured finish that is scratch and scuff resistant, easy to maintain and ensures long lasting appearance retention. With its natural bacteriostatic properties and resistance to chemicals, it is the ideal solution for heavy traffic rail vehicles.

    In the majority of installations, Marmoleum does not need to be welded as it is completely dimensionally stable and will not shrink after proper installation. However, if welding is the preferred option, there are matching welding cords for every Marmoleum FR² design.

    Forbo recognise that sometimes you may wish to create something totally unique, perhaps something specific to a particular project, such as signage to facilitate the restrictions and safety guidelines within the train. Whatever may be required, our in-house design team has skills and experience to turn ideas into reality.

    From an initial concept, detailed drawing, or computer file, our design team prepares a flooring design that is transferred electronically to the Aquajet cutting machines. These computer-controlled machines represent state-of the-art cutting technology and produce precision cut items accurate to a fraction of a millimetre.

    Marmoleum FR2

    CO₂ Neutral

    CO₂ Neutral (from cradle to gate)

    Forbo’s Marmoleum FR² has been independently confirmed as CO₂ neutral floor covering in the cradle to gate phase of the product’s life cycle, without the need for offsetting.

    In simple terms, the CO₂ produced in the extraction, transportation and manufacturing process of Marmoleum FR² is balanced by the removal of CO₂ through the growing of its natural ingredients such as flax, jute and rosin.

    As such, Forbo's Marmoleum FR² is the best flooring choice for every sustainable interior. By using durable materials in your rail projects, you can also contribute to a better environment.

    Environmental leadership:

    • 71% natural raw materials
    • 40% recycled material content
    • 29% of raw materials are rapidly renewable

    A floor covering made from natural materials. Key materials from which Marmoleum FR² is created:

    • linseed oil from the seeds of the flax plants
    • fibres from jute stems
    • rosin from pine trees
    • upcycled wood residues from controlled sustainable forestry
    • limestone
    • pigments

    Marmoleum FR2 CO2 neutral from cradle to gate


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    Cleaning & Maintenance

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