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Eternal is a highly durable heterogeneous sheet vinyl floor covering with a wide range of design possibilities. Its PUR Pearl surface provides superior, long lasting appearance and performance.


Eternal Bus & Coach


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    About Eternal

    Trust in performance

    Eternal is a high quality heterogeneous sheet vinyl floor covering, that is suitable for bus and coach applications. The collection contains unique designs which are developed in house with Forbo’s own design signature. The collection has designs with enhanced embossing textures that ensure an authentic look.

    • R10 slip resistance rating
    • PUR Pearl lacquered surface providing easy cleaning and maintenance
    • Low gloss surface for anti-scuff and a natural look
    • 100% transparent durable wear layer for a long-lasting appearance
    • High recycled PVC content
    • Wide design variety
    • Optional felt backing for better adhesion properties
    • Reaction to fire ECE R118-2 (Pass)

    Eternal wood
    Developed to offer the natural aesthetics of a wooden floor with the advantages of a high-quality vinyl, Eternal Wood features a unique embossing for a true to life, authentic effect, which is easy to clean and maintain.

    Eternal colour
    Suitable for all applications, Eternal Colour comprises an inspiring combination of 29 colours and designs, ranging from neutral hues to rich shades. The solid, coloured wear layer also provides depth to the bright colours.

    There are several reasons to differentiate the quality of our Eternal products from other vinyl floorings.

    Eternal products have a calendared backing for lowest residual indentation: an advantage in areas where furniture is moved around. Our average value of 0.02mm is the best in the market. The embossing of the backing gives better adhesion to the subfloor. Thanks to the balanced construction there is no curl and together this guarantees a floor which stays nice and flat.

    PUR lacquer
    A strong but flexible lacquer is applied before embossing for a consistent performance across the width. Improved double protection lacquer application makes the surface even stronger, without negative impact on performance characteristics.

    High quality glass fleece
    High quality glass fleece for excellent dimensional stability. Glass fleece is double impregnated to lay the foundation for the superior dimensional stability and decrease the potential for lamination.

    Pigmented top layer
    Eternal Colour has a pigmented top layer for higher colour intensity and optimal light fastness.

    Eternal B&C


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