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Sphera Element is a contemporary classic with a modern twist. It offers an extensive, extremely well balanced and modern colour palette.

This premium homogeneous flooring is presented in a clear and comprehensive way that makes it is easy to use and to combine. Perfect for today's environments for applications in care and cure spaces, public buildings and education facilities.

Why choose Sphera homogeneous vinyl flooring?
• Uniquely embossed surface for optimal performance
• Low emitting and 100% phthalate free
• Produced in a zero waste environment
• Resistance to stains and scratches
• High LRV values and bright, saturated hues


Sphera Element

    About Sphera

    Sphera homogeneous vinyl

    Forbo Sphera is setting new standards in homogeneous flooring. It is produced in our brand new manufacturing plant where all the latest insights and technology have been used to create smart and innovative solutions.
    The result: a premium homogeneous vinyl floor covering!

    Our Sphera flooring adds character and style to floors across numerous applications. Whether in demanding, hygienic healthcare environments, in flexible, multi-purpose modern public buildings or in education facilities and offices where durability and colour are key.

    Why choose Sphera homogeneous vinyl?

    Design & colour
    • A new technology delivers bright and saturated hues, resulting in striking colour tones, many with high light reflection values (LRV)
    • Sphera offers a balanced colour palette that coordinates well with other Forbo floor coverings like Marmoleum and textile flooring.

    Technology & sustainability
    • State of the art steel-belt press and thermofix technology provide consistent quality
    • Green energy and zero waste technology ensure efficient and sustainable manufacturing
    • Sphera can contribute to a healthy indoor environment by phtalate free manufacturing & low emissions

    Performance & durability
    • A unique embossing process following lacquer application delivers durable performance
    • In-line coating and subsequent embossing process provides superior appearance
    • The evenly distributed top-layer provides superior all over protection
    • The SMART-top surface finish ensures that Sphera has a high resistance to chemicals, scratches and stains
    • Sphera achieves the highest abrasion wear rating group T tested to EN660-2

    Explore the striking colour palettes of
    Sphera Element
    Sphera Energetic
    Sphera Evolution

    Cross section Sphera Evolution

    Digital magazine

    Sphera digital magazine

    Read more about our Sphera homogeneous flooring and get inspired by its possibilities in the Sphera digital magazine

    Sphera digital magazine

    Bespoke design

    Bespoke design

    With Sphera flooring you can make the most refined floor designs. Our very precise Aquajet cutting technique offers a sophisticated detailing in designs, perfect to create your own identity on your floor; a logo, a text, a piece of art.

    Contact your local customer support organisation for more information.

    Sphera Element Aquajet 50051-50053

    Installation & floorcare

    Sphera Element cleaning & maintenance

    LRV & NCS

    Sphera Evolution 50404-50438-50439


    Sphera technical table