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Installation & Floor Care - Flotex

"Much easier than cleaning carpets"

In this section you can find all information about the installation and maintenance of Flotex textile floors. Following our guidelines will assure lifetime performance and a lasting appearance retention.

Spot cleaning - Flotex

Cleaning & maintenance

Easy to clean and maintain

Cleaning and maintaining a Flotex floor is much easier than you should think. The straight nylon fibres capture fine dust and allergens, but these are easily released when vacuumed. Actually, vacuuming removes double the allergens on a Flotex floor compared to conventional carpet flooring.

We distinguish three ways of cleaning and maintenance: stain removal, soil removal and regular cleaning and maintenance for a longer period.

Cleaning Flotex

Stain removal

Many kinds of spills can be removed with just clean warm water or a carpet detergent. The heavy and more stubborn spills can be removed using a paint scraper and a brush.

Stain removal keeps Flotex looking good every day.

Soil removal

Vacuuming and soil removal keeps the performance of Flotex floors high for many years.

Spot & machine cleaning

A periodically maintenance using a rinse, brush and water vacuuming machine / 3 in 1 machine will guarantee the best result on Flotex.

Download cleaning & maintenance instructions

  • Flotex Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions

    Cleaning & Maintenance instructions


Flotex - Installation instructions

Flotex floors have a long-lasting performance especially when they are installed and maintained correctly. Following the installation guidance will enhance the appearance, performance and durability of your linoleum product. You can ensure a lifetime of 20 to 30 years.

Forbo’s installation and maintenance support is offered through the sales subsidiaries and customer service departments of Forbo Flooring.

Clear descriptions and manuals are available for download to assure a correct installation of our Flotex floor coverings. Installation material and installation tools can be obtained from Forbo. Please contact our technical support team for more information.

Download installation instructions

  • Flotex Sheet Installation

    Flotex sheet
    Installation instructions

  • Flotex Tiles & Planks installation guidance note

    Flotex tiles & planks
    Installation Instructions

More information

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    Technical support team

    Contact - Technical support

    Get in touch with our technical support team to ask all kinds of questions related to installation & floorcare of Flotex textile floor coverings.

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