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Combination and inspiration

Philippe Starck created a Flotex collection of 3 systems, named Vortex, Artist and Twilight. Each of these systems comes in 4 separate parts that can be freely arranged to create patterns for your project that adapt to your needs and preferences.

Combine different patterns and colours

There are 3 different systems or sub brands within the Flotex by Starck range, which are all 3 divided in 4 separate parts. You can combine all these parts to create the perfect pattern in your floor covering. Furthermore, a wide range of colours is available, so you can easily match a Flotex by Starck floor with other elements in your room(s).

The many colour options and different combinations of the 3 systems make Flotex by Starck highly adaptable to every location and project.

See our Flotex by Starck page for more information about each sub brand: Vortex, Artist and Twilight.

Combinations Fortex by Starck range
Combinations different number of sheets

Inspiration with different number of sheets

The flexibility of the systems makes combination possibilities almost endless. Some options are illustrated in this picture on the left side.

Inspiration with 5 sheets (10 metres width)
The full pattern of the design system stretches 10 metres in width if you associate from left to right 5 sheets in the following order: starting with the uni design, followed by the left hand fading gradient design, the central design, then the right hand fading gradient design, and finishing by repeating the uni design.

You can also see inspiration for 3 sheets (6 metres width) and 2 sheets (4 metres width). These are examples to inspire you, there are many other options to choose. It's all about your needs and preferences!

Inspiration to combine Flotex by Starck
Examples Vortex, Artist and Twilight

Combinations sub brands

When we zoom into the different sub brands in our Flotex by Starck range, it's pretty difficult to show you all combinations of colours, patterns and other options. We only can give you some inspiration by combining different products within our Flotex by Starck collection. See this picture above for some examples.

Do you like neutral floor coverings with one colour? Maybe the Vortex or Artist AB collection is the best option for you. But when you like different colour sheets next too each other we offer a wide range of colours to select. It all depends on the width of your room and your own preferences.
To see some examples, explore the Flotex Starck image gallery

How to order

To ensure full colour matching, Flotex sheets should be installed in the same direction. Make sure the arrows on the back of the sheet indicate the same direction.

Because of the freedom in the designs it is important to indicate, when ordering, which parts of the design you want to combine.

For combined installations of a system in one room, all items need to be ordered at once to ensure full colour matching across all designs.

Flotex by Starck Wrong direction