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Flotex bespoke - Design your own floor

  • ENP Office
  • Järveküla Kindluse School Estonia_Flotex digital print
  • Hotel Ibis Sallanches
  • 	Hotel Le Normandy France - Flotex Vision bespoke design
  • Office du Tourisme Val Thorens
  • White Marmot Restaurant 2057
  • NHL Stenden
  • T-mobile office Poland

Unique and unmatched

You want a flooring unique and unmatched. You have an idea for a floor design but can't find it available on the market. Use our bespoke service and design your own. Benefit from our expertise and our unrivalled printing technology to make your vision come true and create your exclusive space.

There is no difference in quality between 'regular' Flotex and a bespoke design Flotex. The base and the properties are the same.

Bespoke Flotex Flocked Flooring

How does it work?

Whether it is a recolouration of an existing design or a new design from scratch, we do it together.

1. contact your local sales or customer service
2. the rules and basics are being shared
3. you share your design and our team gets to work
4. we create the design and sent it for you to judge
5. after approval we create a sample of the design on Flotex and ship it to you to approve
6. after your final go, we start the production

Flotex bespoke | Forbo Flooring Systems

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