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Floors created by

José Medina Galeote

The collaboration of José Medina Galeote and the design teams of Forbo Flooring Systems gave birth to an unique collection of flooring in which the artists’ creations are given a new dimension through the medium of flooring.

Created by José Medina Galeote

José Medina Galeote

Conceptual art

José Medina Galeote is an artist who uses painting and other techniques to reflect on the creative process. In his work he first establishes themes, sometimes stimulating, sometimes provoking, in which the roles of artist and spectator are interchangeable.

In his deep reflection on art in general and painting in particular, José Medina Galeote undertakes an optical experiment that builds a particular aesthetic which distinguishes it, both stylistically and in terms of the ideas it carries. In his work, there are clear references to the minimalist and conceptual art of the sixties as he raises the question of the very concept of reality representation.

Galeote_contemporary art

"Bring art into the home, onto the floor, and let it interact fully with
the furniture and decoration that adorn our homes."

Created by José Medina Galeote

Work of art under your feet

The collaboration of José Médina Galeote and the design teams of Forbo Flooring Systems gave birth to an unique collection of flooring in which the artists’ creations are given a new dimension through the medium of flooring.

By bringing his works of art right under our feet, José Médina Galeote explores new perspectives on various textures. Thanks to high definition printing techniques, Forbo Flooring Systems can bring the creations of José Médina Galeote to life on Flotex flocked textile and different types of vinyl flooring.

Visit the Flotex created by Galeote website
Visit the Vinyl created by Galeote website



A colourful and strange figure, posing very attentively in front of a mosaic with Andalusian reminiscences, clearly inspired by the
Alhambra in Granada. This emblematic character of José Medina Galeote’s universe is quietly observing us and seems to be waiting for us to address him. In a way he is here to say welcome and introduce this unique collection.

"This character seems to want to invite you to discover him and to visit the space that surrounds him."
José Medina Galeote

Flotex Galeote Albayzin
Flotex Galeote Patchwork


This network of coloured lines simulates an almost intimate handwriting. The writing appears as a means of telling a story, which
everyone can explore and make their own.
By generating a new creative space full of possibilities, José Medina Galeote seeks to embellish our interior, while inviting us to reflect on the creative role of the human being in their environment.

"I tried to bring one of the most natural facets of the human being, writing, to a different substrate."
José Medina Galeote


Writing is a reoccurring theme and a constant in the José Medina Galeote collection. It is one of the most personal facets of being human: it is our way of transferring ideas or thoughts and making them tangible. In this case, writing becomes drawing and vice versa; in a kind of game where the borders are abolished.

"Writing becomes drawing and drawing becomes writing."
José Medina Galeote

Vinyl Galeote Scribble
Flotex Galeote Chalkboard


Like the layout of a city, this brightly coloured geometric decor takes us into a unique visual landscape and invites us to move.

"Looking at the ground has never been so fun and intuitive."
José Medina Galeote


Lines drawn with Chinese ink, form a primitive yet contemporary result that adapts naturally to any type of space. This is perhaps the greatest challenge of this collection: to transpose vertical art into a work that is displayed at your feet.

"The potential of a line to be concrete by the brush."
José Medina Galeote

Vinyl Galeote Angles
Vinyl Galeote Sign


What is more personal than a fingerprint? It defines us in our uniqueness and makes us different from other human beings. To explain his own vision of art, José Medina Galeote relies on the strength that emerges from his linear structures and continues to explore this way of communicating with his audience.

"My interest in telling the story of my painting lies in how to indicate, how to construct it."
José Medina Galeote


A game of curves and reliefs sublimated by a black background, where the volumes seem to emerge, making the perception of the floor unique. This perspective and illusion creates a resolutely contemporary look.

"Bring art into the home, onto the floor, and let it interact fully with the furniture and decoration that adorn our homes."
José Medina Galeote

Vinyl Galeote Dimension
Flotex Galeote Coralline


This design evokes the warm and familiar nature of wool, with a nod to the Baroque movement. The exuberance of the forms and the contrast of the colours build an aesthetic effect that is intended to create a feeling of well-being.

"I have constantly thought and dreamed about how I could walk, stroll or live in these environments and how they could generate total well-being."
José Medina Galeote


Although José Medina Galeote plays with lines and their randomness, he is also interested in form and structure.
Here there are references to both the natural world and to a wider geography, as this design invites you to stroll and daydream.

"The incorporation of organic meaning into my artistic practice!"
José Medina Galeote

Flotex Galeote Reef

Different flooring products

High definition digital printing

With over 20 years of experience in high definition digital printing, Forbo Flooring Systems offers you a range of high quality floor coverings, tailored to your needs. Whatever the segment or field of application, José Medina Galeote's creations will come to life under your feet!

The choice is up to you
Choose the floor that is most suitable for your project:
• The warmth and comfort of Flotex flocked textile
• The extreme resistance of Eternal compact heterogeneous vinyl
• The acoustic comfort of Sarlon 15 dB and 19 dB
• The ease and speed of installation of Modul’up 19 dB

How to order your floor

We offer different designs for the Flotex and vinyl collections.

To order your José Medina Galeote floor as a Flotex floor use the colour code from the Flotex designs and add an 'F'. So with 340004F you order design Patchwork in the colour pastel in Flotex.

To order your floor as a Eternal, Sarlon or Modul'up floor use the colour code from the vinyl desings and add a suffix as indicated below:
• E for Eternal
• T19 for Sarlon 19 dB
• T15 for Sarlon 15 dB
• UP19 for Modul'up 19 dB

Flotex flocked flooring

Flotex is a unique textile flooring that combines the hard wearing & durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the quality, warmth and comfort of a carpet.

Discover the toughness and durability of Flotex which comes as a result of the 80 million nylon 6.6. fibres per m2, while experiencing the quietness and comfort normally only associated with a carpet as a result of the impervious cushioned backing.more information about Flotex flocked flooring

Flotex flocked flooring
Eternal design vinyl

Eternal design vinyl

Eternal is a high quality heterogeneous sheet vinyl floor covering that has been created to work across a wide variety of application areas.

The varied palette of colours and designs offers the possibility to create any desired atmosphere in every space. For every moment of the day Eternal offers the ideal solution: at work, school and in the gym.More information about Eternal design vinyl

Sarlon acoustic vinyl

Sarlon 15dB is a unique flooring solution that combines good acoustic properties with performance characteristics that are normally expected from a compact floor covering. Particularly for demanding circumstances with heavy loads and intense traffic.

Sarlon 19dB is the perfect flooring solution for sound reduction. It offers the best possible acoustic properties along with a residual indentation that is best in class for acoustic flooring solutions.

The XtremPUR™ lacquer makes Sarlon floors easy to maintain and at the same time offers long-lasting high-quality protection.
more information about Sarlon 15 dB acoustic vinyl
more information about Sarlon 19 dB acoustic vinyl

Sarlon acoustic vinyl
Modul'up loose lay vinyl

Modul'up loose lay vinyl

Modul’up is the best loose lay floor covering available for high traffic applications. It can be installed quickly without adhesives and is even more time and cost efficient at time of replacement.

Modul'up floors offer an acoustic noise reduction of 19 dB and, with XtremPUR™ protection, the best possible quality and durability.more information about Modul'up loose lay vinyl