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Building and design trends in 2022

In our most recent Forbo Flooring Systems webinar, trend experts Jan Agelink and Dorothé Kessels discussed the latest and upcoming trends in building and design.

Webinar Design Trends

Webinar Building and Design Trends in 2022

For architects and designers, it is important to keep a finger on the pulse of the latest trends in building and design. Thorough knowledge and understanding of these trends is crucial to the success of any designer. Forbo Flooring Systems understands the importance of offering the most modern and contemporary floor designs on the market based on these latest trends.

In this exclusive webinar, we will explore how trends are identified and lay out the key trends for 2022 based on analysis of global and local trends with the use of stunning visuals. It will also demonstrate how these trends are incorporated into flooring solutions that are coming your way soon.

In collaboration with trend forecaster Jan Agelink, the webinar offers an objective insight on trends and the translation from within Forbo Flooring.

Start the year off right by taking a deep dive into relevant 2022 trends in the world of the built environment and interior design.

Webinar design trends 2022

Watch the webinar

About Jan Agelink

Jan Agelink has been working as a trend forecaster since 1994. He combines a clear analysis of global and local trends with a talent for selecting stunning visuals. His view on the future is valuable for industries like fashion, lifestyle, design, health, interiors, retail, and food.

Jan connects trends from the six 'big drivers' in our world - technology, art & culture, demographics, economy, politics, ecology - and turns them into food for thought. He also advises international brands and companies with concepts that connect brand values with relevant socio-cultural trends.


Webinar Design Trends | Jan Agelink, trend forecaster & design director

About Dorothé Kessels

Dorothé Kessels is the Director of Global Design at Forbo Flooring Systems. Before joining Forbo in 2005, Dorothé was a partner at Amsterdam Design Associates and gained international experience in the development of surface designs and colour collections for wall cladding, textiles and the paint industry.

After graduating the Design Academy in Eindhoven, she gained her first freelance activities in Asia, where Dorothé realized that interaction with end consumers and the translation of local or cultural requirements are crucial to good design. At Forbo Flooring, design is the key differentiator for success and is firmly anchored in the corporate vision.


Webinar Design Trends | Dorothé Kessels, Director Global Design

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