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Building and design trends in 2023

In our new Forbo Flooring Systems webinar, trend experts Christoph Brach and Thomas Eurlings discuss the latest and upcoming trends in building and design.

Webinar Design Trends 2023 | Forbo Flooring Systems | photo courtesy of Raw Color

Free webinar Building and Design Trends in 2023

What global design trends can you expect in 2023? We will show you the most important ones in this exclusive webinar, complete with stunning images.

Guest speaker Christoph Brach is the co-founder of the design studio Raw Color. He is a product designer who shows a contemporary approach to how colour influences our surroundings and has a strong investigative attitude towards sustainable dyes and materials.

Thomas Eurlings, independent product and interior designer and senior designer vinyl at Forbo Flooring Systems, gives a sneak peek into our newest Trend report, which discusses the new mindset and developments in sustainability but also how this translates to the built environment and our flooring products.

Start the year off right by taking a deep dive into the relevant 2023 trends in the world of the built environment and interior design.

Allura Flex 1506 taupe sand + 9017 fox orange

Watch the webinar here:

About Christoph Brach/Raw Color

Raw Color, founded by designers Christoph Brach and Daniera ter Haar, has a unique understanding of how to use colour in design. Working across disciplines, blending graphics, photography and product design, Raw Color helps companies to develop the tools they need to take a position for the near and far future. The studios work reflects a sophisticated treatment of material, embodied through research and experiments to build a visual language.

The studio is based in Eindhoven (NL) and has international clients including Adidas, Dutch Invertuals, Ikea, Kvadrat, Nanimarquina, Sancal and Samsung. Its works are included in the collections of Cooper Hewitt Museum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and TextielMuseum (NL).


Christoph Brach | photo courtesy of Christoph Brach/Raw Color

About Thomas Eurlings

Thomas Eurlings has been working as Senior Designer Vinyl at Forbo Flooring Systems since 2012. In this capacity he works on collections such as Allura (LVT) and Eternal (sheet vinyl) and is responsible for several Forbo Flooring trend publications, such as the annual trend report and the new trend colour selection 'Mood of the Season', together with designer coworker Marijke Griffioen.

As founder of ThomasE, an international operating creative studio based in Amsterdam, Thomas designs complete interiors as well as interior products and jewellery. The interior products vary between bespoke and off the shelf-items. The same goes for most of the jewellery collections created by ThomasE. creations. Besides his own designs, Eurlings consults various companies on their creative challenges. This work includes incidental advise and consultancy as well as long term involvement as a creative director.


Thomas Eurlings | photo courtesy of Thomas Eurlings

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