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Furniture Linoleum

The finishing touch for high end furniture designs such as chairs, stools, desks, cabinets, doors, and displays is Forbo’s Furniture Linoleum, a natural surfacing material. Renowned for its elegance and durability, the warm, soft texture is a unique furniture surfacing solution.

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  • Furniture Linoleum
  • Furniture Linoleum
  • Furniture Linoleum
  • Furniture Linoleum
  • Furniture Linoleum
  • Furniture Linoleum
  • Furniture Linoleum
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    Furniture Linoleum

    Furniture Linoleum

    Forbo Furniture Linoleum is a natural surfacing material that delivers the finishing touch for all high end furniture designs such as desks, chairs, stools, cabinets, doors and displays.


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Technical specifications

Techn. specs. Furniture Linoleum

Cleaning & Maintenance

Furniture Linoleum floorcare

About Furniture Linoleum

See me, feel me, touch me

Furniture Linoleum is a unique surfacing material for furniture designs such as desks, stools, cabinets, doors and displays. It is renowned for its elegance and durability and being made of natural ingredients, a sustainable surface choice.

The unique aesthetic and tactile properties ensure that every object develops its own character. The combination of a mat surface and a warm, soft texture guarantees interior furniture with a truly distinctive, individual look & feel.

Easy to apply
Flexible, organic shapes can be created by Furniture Linoleum as it is naturally flexible. It is supplied in a roll format and can be applied both horizontally and vertically, as well as to curved surfaces.

Hygienic & antistatic
The natural composition and the special surface finish ensure that Furniture Linoleum is naturally antistatic. The surface actively resists the build-up of static charges and prevents dust or dirt from sticking to the surface.

No marks from fingerprints
This natural surface linoleum has an earthy, solid quality to it and has one other unique feature: it doesn't show fingerprints!

Simple elegance
A number of new fresh and stylish colours have been added to the classic colour range that complement current design trends. Go to the colour overview to see how Furniture Linoleum can complement your interior.

Sample ordering
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Furniture Linoleum unique surface solution


How to install Furniture Linoleum


Feel, touch, love...

With our products we aim at creating a better quality indoor environment, one that gives pleasure to people to live and work in.

In the case of Furniture Linoleum this is created through high quality furnishings that are hygienic and pleasant to touch and use. Furniture Linoleum, being a natural product made from natural raw materials that has very low emission, helps to create a healthier environment where people can be happy and are good company. Read more about our CHO principals.


Multiple awards

Furniture Linoleum awards

Forbo Furniture Linoleum is widely recognised for its exceptional combination of aesthetic and functional properties and holds numerous prestigious awards including the Red Dot design award, the award for Good Industrial Design and the Interzum Award.

Furniture awards

Unique benefits

Furniture Linoleum benefits

Furniture Linoleum offers unique benefits both for users and manufactures:

Unique benefits for users
• tactile finish that is warm and comfortable
• matt surface
• natural material
• environmentally friendly choice
• no marks from fingerprints
• antistatic
• long lasting vibrant colourways
• pleasant to write on

Unique benefits for manufacturers
• flexible
• easy to apply
• suitable for many kinds of substrates
• processes like wood
• coatable
• manual and industrial installation possible

Furniture Linoleum for curved furniture finishes

EPDs and HPDs