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The realistic natural designs of our Surestep Wood safety flooring range provide a warm ambience to all areas.

All wood designs have a clear and sharp visual because of the use of the almost invisible ‘Step Crystals’, which also guarantee lifetime slip resistance.

3 items of Surestep Wood are also available in a Fast Fit construction (18802, 18942, 18572).

Items marked with * denotes Australian stocked


Surestep Wood


    Step safety vinyl sample folder

    Installation & floorcare

    Step installation & floorcare

    Forbo Step non slip floor coverings are easy to clean and maintain, thanks to their highly durable PUR finish.

    Download here the Step installation & floorcare instructions:
    We always recommend our products are installed by certified installers to ensure a professional finish and lasting floor performance. Full Installation and Cleaning and Maintenance instructions can be downloaded below.

    Forbo Step safety flooring Installation Guidance Note
    Forbo Surestep cleaning & maintenance
    Forbo SafeStep cleaning & maintenance

    Forbo also offer a full range of tools, installation aids and Eurocol installation products. Find out more at Installation and Floorcare

    Step mop wet

    What to use where

    Which Step floor to use where

    Different areas require different slip requirements as outlined by the National Construction Code (NCC), HB 197:1999 and SA HB 198:2014 guides to slip resistance of pedestrian surfaces.

    Forbo Step particle enhanced safety flooring are tested to the standard AS 4586-2013 slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials, by NATA accredited laboratories and complies with the recommendations of HB 197:1999 and SA HB 198:2014, which are guides only.

    Click on the image below to enlarge the slip resistance guidelines to learn more.

    Surestep 175922 concrete, Surestep Laguna 181582 pale blue

    Technical & environmental

    Images & video

    Surestep Wood images & video

    Surestep Wood offers realistic natural wood designs that provide a warm ambience to all areas.


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