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Flotex flocked flooring

Flotex tiles

Flotex flocked carpet tiles are exceptional, high-quality resilient textile floor coverings in a 50x50 cm format. Flotex tiles combine easily with our other flooring solutions and formats, including our Tessera carpet tiles and Allura Flex luxury vinyl tiles & planks, to deliver endless possibilities for your own flooring design creations.

  • Flotex tiles
  • Flotex tiles
  • Flotex tiles
  • Flotex tiles
  • Flotex Colour - s445021 Canyon Limestone
    Flotex Colour tiles

    Flotex Colour tiles

    Four versatile and fresh designs make up the Flotex Colour collection: Metro, Calgary, Canyon & Penang.

    All 90 colourways are available in sheet and tile format, with 36 references also available in planks.

    ■ Ideal for extreme foot and wheeled traffic areas
    ■ Impervious backing – that’s fast-drying
    ■ Allergy and asthma friendly
    ■ Green Tag certified
    ■ R12/P5 slip rating when dry and when wet
    ■ 19 dB impact sound reduction

  • Flotex Metro Grey - 546006_746006_246006
    Flotex AcousticPlus tiles

    Flotex AcousticPlus tiles

    Acoustic hindrance is number 2 in complaints about the work environment. Improved acoustic properties help to increase concentration.

    For additional acoustic properties, we can offer a special backing for our Flotex tiles that increases the impact sound reduction with 3 dB to a total of 22 dB: Flotex AcousticPlus.

    The AcousticPlus backing can be utilised on all tiles, with a special order minimum of 700 m2 per colour.

  • 242005
    Flotex Cirrus & Stratus tiles

    Flotex Cirrus & Stratus tiles

    The Flotex Cirrus & Stratus collection is made up of two coordinating designs in a variety of colours to enable complete freedom of expression - create connections, highlights and transitions that will enhance any style of scheme.

    Used separately or in combination, this modular tile collection is well suited to office environments, education spaces and public buildings.

  • t551003 tabletop Flotex Complexity embossed
    Flotex Integrity² & Complexity tiles

    Flotex Integrity² & Complexity tiles

    Integrity² and Complexity have been designed to work alongside each other to create striking and intriguing effects in commercial spaces.

About Flotex tiles

About Flotex tiles

Flotex tiles are easy to combine with other flooring types, other structures or even other formats. We offer Flotex tiles in three different brands: Flotex Colour, Flotex Integrity2 & Complexity, and Flotex Stratus & Cirrus. Tiles are the perfect solution when you want to create a unique flooring concept with different designs and colours.

Flotex is unique. It brings together the appeal of a textile carpet with the hygienic practical advantages of a resilient floor covering, making it a resilient carpet, a product that's one of a kind! It is the ideal flooring solution for spaces with high footfall and wheeled traffic.

Extremely durable - can withstand extreme wear
Superior abrasion resistance – tested against EN 1307
Flotex was rubbed back and forth 1,000 times with a 2 cm wide pointed metal blade loaded with 2 kg weight. At least 50% of the pile must be retained to meet the requirements, Flotex achieved much higher!
Long-lasting retains its good looks for years

Allergy approved floor - Flotex captures allergens and fine dust from the air which are easily released when vacuumed
Impervious backing - suitable for wet cleaning and is fast drying
Dream to clean - with or without chemicals
✔ Flotex is really hygienic compared to other textile floor coverings. It provides 30% more soil removal than conventional carpet.

R12/P5 slip rating when dry and when wet
Sound control 19 dB impact on sound reduction & 22 dB with Flotex AcousticPlus

Flotex carpet tile in Colour - 545022, 545024, 545028


Technical specifications

You can download the following Flotex documents here:

Flotex Sheet, Tiles, Plank, AcousticPlus and Borders Specification
Flotex tiles fire report
Flotex slip report
Flotex warranty statement
Forbo Flotex Tile GreenTag Level A Certificate
Forbo Flotex Tile Declare Label
Forbo Flotex Tile/plank Environmental product declaration

Document download centre
Forbo has a wide variety of promotional and technical documentation available for Flotex flocked flooring, including technical specifications and environmental data sheets. All documents can be found on the following link document download centre

Forbo download icon

Installation & floorcare

Installation & floorcare

Whether it’s water-soluble stains such as coffee, ketchup, coca cola, wine, etc. or greasy stains like butter, engine oil or permanent marker, all can be removed easily from Flotex flocked flooring. Flotex can save you time and cut your cleaning costs as it is easy to clean, quick-drying and typically needs less water/chemicals than other textile floor coverings.

The unique construction of Flotex flocked flooring is what allows releasing soiling like no other textile flooring. Unlike the looped and twisted fibres of a conventional carpet tile, the smooth straight fibres of Flotex do not trap particles of soil, allowing them to be removed without difficulty during cleaning. Most spills can be cleaned with plain water.

Full installation and floor care instructions for the Flotex flocked flooring range can be downloaded below:
Download here the Flotex Cleaning Guide
Flotex stain removal video

Download here the Flotex tiles and planks installation guide
Flotex installation video

Discover how easy it is to clean Flotex by watching our cleaning demo video:

Flotex carpet spot cleaning with water

Images & video

Flotex Tiles Images & Video

Click on the images below to get an impression of our Flotex flocked flooring tile ranges. Further, we provide you with more information about Flotex and the way to install Flotex flooring.

Installed in iconic buildings and premises in Australia and all over the world.
Take inspiration from our Flotex case studies ➔

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AUS Product Portfolio 2020/21

Allergy approved

Allergy approved flooring

Flotex has a unique construction that captures allergens and fine dust from the air and is easy to clean. It is even a better textile solution for allergens than hypoallergenic carpet floors.

Vacuuming a Flotex flooring removes double the allergens compared to conventional carpet floors.
This is one of the reasons why Forbo's Flotex flocked flooring is the first textile floor covering to be awarded the prestigious Allergy UK Seal of Approval™.

Allergy UK Flotex Certificate

Floors for allergy



Thanks to its hard-wearing properties and durability benefits, Flotex flocked flooring has a product lifetime that surpasses that of ordinary textiles. Longer lasting, Flotex can help you to reduce cleaning, maintenance and refurbishment costs whilst retaining its visual appearance.

■ Flotex tiles & planks contain up to 49% recycled content
■ Flotex Colour ranges have no pattern repeats, reducing installation waste
■ The manufacturing facility is certified to ISO 14001 - environmental management standard
■ Produced using 100% electricity from renewable sources

■ Impervious backing - which means you just need water and standard cleaning materials for an effective clean. You can also steam clean Flotex when hygiene standards demand it.
■ Flotex is an allergy approved floor covering
■ All Flotex ranges are phthalate-free and our conventional sheet ranges, Colour & Linear have undetectable levels of emissions

Green certification
■ Forbo Flooring Systems Australia is a proud member of the Green Building Council Australia
■ We provide 3rd party verified EPD. An EPD is based on the outcome of the Life Cycle Assessment, EPD can contribute to achieving innovation points in Green Star projects.

Forbo Flotex Tile Declare Label
Forbo Flotex Tile/plank Environmental product declaration

We care for the people that touch our business, from employees to suppliers. That’s most of our manufacturing sites in Europe are certified to SA8000®.
The SA8000 Standard is one of the world’s preeminent social standards which aims to protect workers along each step of the supply chain.

For more details visit our Create Better Environments webpage

Forbo GreenTag