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ESD & Cleanroom Flooring

ESD & Cleanroom Flooring

Protecting your technology.
Colorex is an advanced technical flooring system specifically designed to control static discharge in sensitive areas such a cleanrooms, operating theatres and the electronics industry.

Not only does Colorex provide an advanced technical solution, it is also aesthetically pleasing, enhancing any commercial interior from industrial to educational establishments.

ESD & Cleanroom Flooring
  •  Colorex EC
    Colorex EC

    Colorex EC

    Colorex EC is Ideal for laboratories, IT-rooms and ISO standard cleanrooms . Colorex EC satisfies the strictest requirements for particle release behaviour, helping to reduce any threat of contamination.

  • Colorex SD/EC
    Colorex SD

    Colorex SD

    The Colorex collection offers a premium brand of conductive and static dissipative high density dimensionally stable tiles.

  • Colorex R11
    R11 Plus

    R11 Plus

    R11 Plus floors have enhanced slip resistance, categorised as R11, because of the strong surface embossed structure. The range is available in one colourway, 601060.

Why choose Colorex?

Why choose Colorex?

The 8 benefits of Colorex

1. Colorex offers peace of mind as it fully complies with all ESD and clean room standards, including the Fraunhofer Institute
2. Colorex offers a life-time conductivity warranty guaranteeing optimal performance throughout the life of the product
3. The dense construction of Colorex provides a porefree surface ensuring the highest hygiene properties
4. The low plasticiser content in Colorex tile creates a unique dimensional stability and prevents shrinkage
5. The low plasticiser content also ensures extremely low emissions and outgassing making Colorex the right choice for cleanrooms
6. The surface of Colorex can be fully repaired extending the useful life of the product
7. The dense construction of Colorex provides excellent resistance to to heavy loads making it an ideal solution for commercial and industrial environments
8. Colorex is available in tile format, a prerequisite for raised access floors found in many commercial environments such as data centres and server rooms.

Colorex SD EC plus



We constantly strive to produce sustainable flooring systems that create better environments everywhere. At the same time we help take care of the natural environment through our commitment to sustainable development, responsible raw material procurement and manufacturing processes. For example our Colorex collection is manufactured using 100% green electricity and is REACH compliant..

How it's made
• Of all the electricity we buy, 100% comes from renewable sources. This means all our vinyl production sites, including our Colorex plant, are part of an effective environmental management system and achieve ISO14001 certification

• Colorex contains 15% post industrial recycled content.

How it performs
• The low plasticiser content in Colorex ensures low emissions and outgassing.

• The surface of Colorex can be fully repaired extending the useful life of the product.

Colorex EC

The Colorex Collection

The Colorex Collection

Colorex is available with three levels of conductivity - High performance (EC range), Performance (SD range) and Standard.

There is also a choice of fitting as Colorex can be installed by fully adhering it directly to a subfloor or by bonding it to a raised access floor panel. It can also be laid as part of a loose lay tile system. The loose lay version additionally has an anti static (Basic plus) and slip resistant (R11 plus) version to complete the high tech solutions offer.

To download a document showing the collection, please click here Forbo Colorex collection

High performance
With Colorex EC and Colorex EC Plus, static charges flow easily through the dense network of tiny conductive veins that run through the whole thickness of the tile. The charge is transmitted via the conductive adhesive and securely discharged to earth via the copper strip. It’s a completely natural system that needs no volatile chemical anti-static additives to aid conductivity. The conductivity is not affected by changes in temperature or humidity

Colorex SD enables safe electrostatic discharge through the whole thickness of the tile via the black conductive veins.

Colorex Basic plus is a loose lay floor system with a Colorex surface with limited conductive properties. This range provides all the benefits of Colorex such as a high density, repairable and stain resistance with the benefit of a heavy duty loose lay tile.


Product construction

We start where others stop

Colorex is only available in tile format as this enables quicker installation, especially in small and medium areas or rooms with irregular shapes. The tile format also ensures less wastage than sheet, making it the environmentally preferable option.

As Colorex also has very low plasticiser content there’s no need to worry about emissions or shrinkage and the corresponding diminishing of conductive properties. Our production process produces a material of superior and consistent quality with an extremely high and uniform compression. The easy-clean surface is pore free, making it suitable for the most stringent hygiene requirements, right up to certified cleanrooms.

Colorex construction
Colorex provides all the features normally associated with ESD sheet product but with the additional benefits associated with tile format such as reduced waste and ease of installation. ESD sheet products require a high plasticiser content which can result in out-gassing. In contrast, Colorex tiles have a small percentage of plasticiser content and a result, very low out-gassing.

Invisible repairs

Deep scratches and other serious damage can be repaired by hot welding. A small strip of Colorex of the same colour should be welded directly into the damage using a hand welding machine. After the excess material has been trimmed off, the repaired spot can be restored to a good-as new condition by sanding and dry polishing.

Unique 100% repairable surface
Scratches or serious damage can be solved
It will be restored to a good-as-new condition


Colorex tile construction

Norms & Certifications

Norms & Certifications

In order to provide our customers with peace of mind, we measure and report the conductivity of each production batch. As a result of this quality control procedure, we establish a measurement report showing the distribution of conductivity values within a single batch. These reports are available to the customer upon request.

ISO standards and cGMP regulations for air purity require you to comply by presenting consistent results that can be verified on a regular basis.. Ideal for cleanrooms and these kinds of environments, Colorex satisfies the strictest requirements for particle release behaviour, helping to reduce any threat of contamination. What’s more, following a comprehensive programme of testing, its suitability in cleanroom applications has been certified by the renowned Fraunhofer IPA Institute in Germany..

The homogeneous structure of Colorex EC/SD with its dense network of conductive veins ensures a guarantee for lifetime conductivity. Performance is permanent and consistent, independent from air humidity or temperature conditions

In conjunction with appropriate ESD footwear, Colorex EC is fully compliant with the personnel grounding requirements specified in the IEC 61340-5-1 and ANSI/ESD S20.20 standards for ESD Protected Areas (EPA):
- System resistance Person / Footwear / Flooring System < 35 MOhm
- Body Voltage < 100V

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Where to use Colorex?

Where to use Colorex?

Colorex is the ideal flooring system for sectors such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, health, data centres and server rooms

Colorex EC - Application areas:
ESD facilities, ISO standard cleanrooms, pharmaceutical laboratories, production sites and operating theatres.

Colorex EC plus - Application areas:
Renovation of ESD facilities, ISO standard cleanrooms, pharmaceutical laboratories and production sites. Suitable when down time, damp floors or poor sub-floors are an issue.

Colorex SD - Application areas:
New built laboratories, ISO standard cleanrooms, pharmaceutical laboratories, production sites and operating theatres.

Colorex Basic plus - Application areas:
Shops, stores, warehouses. Areas with high traffic needing daily intensive cleaning. Suitable when down time, damp floors, or poor sub floors are an issue.

R11 plus - Application areas:
Industrial areas, garages, warehouses. Suitable when down time, damp floors or poor sub floors are an issue.

There is a wide variety of finishing solutions for Colorex including coving, skirting, welding and pre-formed corner pieces. For more details of our full range of accessories, please click here

To see the frequently asked questions about Colorex, please click here FAQ's about Colorex

High performance (EC and EC plus)