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Flotex Flocked Flooring

Flotex sheet

Flotex sheet floor covering is the perfect textile flooring solution for almost every commercial and public area. We offer multiple Flotex brands that are available in sheet format, so there is always a design that fits your needs. Flotex sheet can be perfectly combined with our Flotex Borders collection.

  • Flotex sheet
  • Flotex sheet
  • Flotex sheet
  • Flotex Colour - s445021 Canyon Limestone
    Flotex Colour sheet

    Flotex Colour sheet

    Flotex Colour is a comprehensive flocked flooring range of textile designs that are presented in four subtle allover designs: Metro, Calgary, Canyon & Penang. All products are available in sheet and tile format and some colours are also available in planks. Here you can find all Flotex Colour sheet products.

  • Flotex Borders 211046
    Flotex Borders

    Flotex Borders

    The Flotex borders help you to be creative when designing your floorspace by offering the ability to frame an area, separate spaces or provide an edge to your floor which a solid insert. Flotex borders are uni-coloured strips only available in 11 or 22 cm widths, which can be used in combination with Flotex sheet flocked floorings.

  • Flotex Naturals 010075 warm oak
    Flotex Naturals

    Flotex Naturals

    Our renewed Flotex Naturals range enables you to create the aesthetic of a real wood or ceramics floor, whilst maintaining the warmth, acoustics and comfort that a carpet offers.

    Our state of the art digital printing technique achieves high quality, true to life visuals of wood and ceramic textures.

About Flotex Vision

The digital world of Flotex Vision

Flotex Vision offers over 500 digitally printed designs. The high density of the fibers enables realistic designs in high level photographic resolutions. The designs are presented in a flexible and always up-to-date Digital Library.

High definition digital print
As Flotex has over 70 million fibers per m2, it provides a unique high density substrate for printing. As a result, vibrant designs and true to life visuals can be printed in high level photographic resolutions. All desired colour shades, tones and hues can be achieved.

Endless design options
Digital printing is also well suited for those collections that require visual detail and effects that cannot easily be reached through conventional print. Flotex Vision contains over 500 individual items.

Flotex Lab:

Colour your own
Do you like the design, but you cannot find the colours you want? Flotex Vision offers a large number of designs that can be recoloured by selecting your own colours.

Bespoke design
If you have your own idea of what you would like on the floor, we also offer a bespoke design service on request. Contact your local sales representative for more information.

Flotex Vision flocked flooring

Allergy UK

Allergy approved flooring

Flotex is approved by Allergy UK as it has proven to have a positive impact on the lives of allergy sufferers. It has the ability to trap allergens and then safely release them to standard cleaning appliances. When cleaned, Flotex releases twice as many allergens compared to the cleaning of conventional carpets. More harmful allergens are removed, creating a more comfortable environment for asthma and allergy sufferers.

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Flotex Technical Specifications

Installation & floorcare

Flotex cleaning & maintenance instructions

Digital library

Flotex digital library

With over 500 designs to choose from, including the option to create your own colourway or even a completely bespoke design, Flotex Vision is offered to you in a flexible and always up-to-date Digital Library

Watch this video if you need help with navigating the Flotex digital library.

The Flotex Digital Library offers you the opportunity to see the many possibilities that Flotex digitally printed floor coverings offer you. You can see all designs installed in various applications like hospitals, schools, retail facilities and offices.

6 design themes
To give you some guidance and offer you a logic design path we have created 6 initial entries to the library, each of them representing a different design direction. In addition to the items in the library, for some designs we also offer the possibility to choose your own colour combination.

Unique design
It is also possible to create your own unique design. This is not part of the library but can be discussed with your local Forbo sales representative.

Flotex online library