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Architecten Showroom Amsterdam

Eurocol has its own stand in the Architecten Showroom in Amsterdam. You can make enquiries about LiquidDesign and BetonDesign there.

The address of the Architecten Showroom is Pedro de Medinalaan 1a, Amsterdam.

architecten showroom ASA 2018
ASA Amsterdam

The Architecten Showroom Amsterdam is your place to learn about the latest trends and innovations. A Forbo Eurocol representative can be found there on “Inspiring Monday” each week to answer your questions and provide you with product samples and brochures.

Pedro de Medinalaan 1a
1086 XK Amsterdam
Openings hours:
monday until friday
from 09.00 until 17.00

BetonDesign: Floor and wall with basic concrete look

In addition to developing its own products, Forbo Eurocol closely watches the market for new trends and client wishes. A good example is BetonDesign, an innovation in the field of floor and wall finishing which is available in a variety of colours. BetonDesign is the ideal solution for quick and problem-free finishing of floors and walls, resulting in a beautiful concrete look.

You can see all available BetonDesign colours here.

BetonDesign 6
LiquidDesign 8

LiquidDesign: an innovative, resilient liquid floor

LiquidDesign is an innovative, resilient liquid floor with a natural look & feel and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. It provides an attractive and durable floor covering with permanently resilient properties suited to many applications and is available in more than thirty attractive colours. With its warm, cosy appearance, LiquidDesign is intended as a floor finish, for example, for hotels, restaurants, offices, shops, homes and (company) canteens. LiquidDesign consists of natural raw materials that are renewable, making it environmentally friendly.

You can see all available LiquidDesign colours here.

Visit the website of Architecten Showroom Amsterdam here.