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920 EUROPLAN ALPHY (Made in Holland)


Self-smoothing, tensions-free hardening levelling compound for stony subfloors, especially anhydrite floors. This product is made in Holland.

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  • 920-safety data sheet uk.pdf

    920-safety data sheet uk.pdf

  • 920-ec 1 plus licence uk.pdf

    920-ec 1 plus licence uk.pdf

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Product Typification

Self-smoothing, tensions-free hardening levelling compound for stony subfloors, especially anhydrite floors.
Basis : Anhydrate-Alpha-halfhydrate.
Colour : White.
Consistency : Powder.

Product advantages:
  • Very low emission
  • Emicode EC 1 PLUS
  • Less dust
  • Favourable spreading capacity
  • Casein-free
  • Self-smoothing
  • Tension-free
  • Chrome-free
  • Excellent flow
  • Pumpable
  • Maximum layer thickness of 30 mm* 


Bending Strength : According to NEN-EN 13892-2:2002: after 28 days ≥ 9 N/mm².
Bureau Wheelchair resistance : From 2 mm layer thickness.
Compressive strength : According to NEN-EN 13892-2:2002: after 28 days ≥ 35 N/mm².
Consumption : Approx. 1.5 kg/m² per mm layer thickness.
Flammability : Non-flammable.
Frost resistance : Yes.
Passableness : After 2 - 3 hours at 18°-20° C.*



For levelling stony subfloors in layer thickness between 2 and 30 mm, especially anhydrite floors, which are to be covered with a floor covering or parquet. At a layer thickness > 10 mm add approx. 7 kg of 846 Quartzsand to 23 kg of 920 Europlan Alphy.

If applying by pump:
Consult pump supplier, ensure the pump is suitable for all types of levelling compounds. Pumping with a too high mixing rate can cause an insufficient flow of the levelling compound.

Working Process

Tools : Trowel or notched squeegee in combination with a spiked roller, mixing-device.
Mixing ratio : Add 23 kg of 920 Europlan Alphy to 5,5 - 6 litres of water. Add 25 kg of 920 Europlan Alphy to 6 litres of water.
Waiting time : 3 to 5 minutes.
Processing time : Use within 30 minutes after mixing.*
Storage : Store cool and dry.
Shelf Life : 12 months, in unopened packaging.
Drying : 24 hours.*
Frost-proof : Yes.
Remarks : 

For layer thicknesses over 10 mm, on moisture-sensitive (e.g. calcium sulphate screeds) or unstable substrates, Eurocol reactive primers, e.g. 042 Euroblock Turbo or 021 Euroblock Reno LE should be used.

For layer thicknesses over 10 mm, on screwed wood-based panels, Eurocol reactive primers, e.g. 042 Euroblock Turbo or 021 Euroblock Reno LE should be used. 

Not suitable for solid planks <22 mm and vertical lamella <16 mm thick.

Technical information and safety data sheets of other laying materials and floorings/parquet must be observed!

Apply flooring to the filled area within the next few days!
For absorbent subfloors keep a minimum layer thickness of 2 mm, for non-absorbent subfloors a minimum layer thickness of 3 mm. 
When used under parquet, a minimum layer thickness of 3 mm must be observed.

In case of multi-layer application, the layer thickness of the second application must not exceed the layer thickness of the first application.

After application of levelling compound.

  • Fresh surfaces should be protected against direct sun light, draughts, high temperature (above +30°C), rain and frost.
  • To obtain the recommended long term technical performance of product, after finishing levelling works installation of floor covering should be done within the shortest period of time, which depends on product’s drying time within 3 to 7 days, otherwise the surface should be protected with a suitable coating or covering.
The readiness for laying is dependent on the thickness of the layer and depends in particular on the climatic conditions on site.

Wear protective glasses and gloves.
If the adhesive or installation material comes into contact with your eyes, wash out immediately with plenty of water and consult an ophthalmologist.
Protect your hands with waterproof, robust gloves.
Wear long trousers.
Avoid prolonged skin contact with the adhesive or installation material. Thoroughly clean affected skin parts with water immediately.
The longer fresh adhesive or installation material remains on your skin, the greater the risk of serious skin damage.
Keep children away from fresh adhesive or installation material.

EMICODE, for more information visit For levelling work in connection with subsequent parquet adhesives using Eurocol 1K or 2K parquet adhesives, only use Eurocol 048 Europrimer Plus or reactive Eurocol primers.

* The mentioned values have been established in our laboratory and must be considered as guidelines in view of possible variations in climatic circumstances, subfloor compositions and layer thickness.

Approx. 1.5 kg/m² per mm layer thickness.

  • 920 Europlan Alphy can be applied on any type of stony subfloor that is rigid and has a good tensile and compression strength.
  • The subfloor should also be clean, permanently dry and free from grease and dirt according to the requirements of BS 8203 or DIN 18 365/DIN 18356.
  • Sandpaper, if necessary, anhydrite subfloor and make free from dust (by using an industrial vacuum cleaner).
  • Decrease smooth and impervious subfloors (tile floors, granito, terrazzo etc.) with 014 Euroclean and and dry well afterwards. After that prime thin and covered with 044 Europrimer Multi with a foam roller. Old (water-resistant) adhesive also needs to be primed in this way.
  • Prime porous subfloors e.g. anhydrite with 043 Europrimer Alphy, 044 Europrimer Multi/044-1 Europrimer Multi Plus or 099 Disperion Primer with a foam roller.
  • In case of asphalt floors and bituminous substrates remove dirt and loose parts. After that prime with 044 Europrimer Multi.
  • Fill cracks and deep damages with 944 Europlan Alphy Quick. After hardening wait for at least 24 hours. Prime the repaired places with 043 Europrimer Alphy or 044 Europrimer Multi and dry well before levelling the floor.
  • Fix cracks/seams in subfloors with 021 Euroblock Reno LE in combination with 063 Eurotape and 846 Quartzsand or with 808 Eurojoint Connector in combination with 021 Euroblock Reno LE. Alternatively with Europlan 913 Silicate sealing compound.
  • In advance always seek our technical data sheets. In doubt about the application ask for technical advice. 

User manual:
  • When mixing 920 Europlan Alphy ensure that tools are always clean and free from cement residues.
  • In case of preparation by hand add 23 kg of 920 Europlan Alphy to 5.5 - 6 litres of cool and clean tap water. Follow the exact water ratio. 
  • Stir the mortar, using an electric stirrer (Eurocol no. 855), to a smooth and homogeneous mixture.
  • Wait for approx. 5 minutes and stir the mortar once again, with a low rpm. ·
  • Apply the mortar within 30 minutes on the floor with a trowel or notched squeegee in a minimum layer thickness of 2 mm. ·
  • When pumping adjust the mixing-device in such way that per 23 kg of 920 Europlan Alphy 5.5 - 6 litres of cool and clean tap water will be added.
  • Protect fresh levelling compound layers against draft and direct sunlight.
  • It is not recommended to sandpaper or prime the dried levelling compound layer.
  • When it is recommended to sandpaper the applied levelling compound layer make the floor dust-free with an industrial vacuum cleaner. When necessary prime the subfloor with a suitable primer (for example 049 Europrimer ABS or 099 Disperionprimer) with a foam roller (Eurocol no. 856/857). Drying time approx. 1 hour.
  • Under normal circumstances the applied layer is passable after 2-3 hours. In a layer thickness of 5 mm the levelling compound is ready for further use after 24 hours.
  • In case of thicker layers measure the residual moisture percentage by using a hydrometer (residual moisture with hydrometer measurement < 1.0% or residual moisture percentage 0.3-0.5%, depending on type of floor covering).
  • For extended information about the safety precautions we refer to the safety data sheet on our website

Working conditions:
Required surrounding temperature  : 18° - 23 °C.
Temperature subfloor : min. 15° - max. 20 ºC.
Relative humidity : 40 - 70%

Underfloor heating systems:
920 Europlan Alphy can be applied on underfloor heating systems. The startprotocol of the floorheating needs to be completly executed in accordance with the directives of the supplier. Turn off the heater 24 hours before application. Do not heat again until at least 24 hours after application, in steps of maximum 5 °C water temperature per day.

Quality and guarantee

Environment and health

Hazard Class : None.
MSDS : For extensive information about safety and environment we refer to our website


ArticleDefinition        PackagingEAN-code
920Europlan Alphy 23 kg bag8 710345 920308