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Two-component PU-based parquet lacquer, commercial areas with very heavy use and residential use, very high chemical resistance, excellent wear resistance, for high stress areas.

  • safety data sheet_eurocol_884n_eurofinish_perfect_duo_uk.pdf

    safety data sheet_eurocol_884n_eurofinish_perfect_duo_uk.pdf

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    licence_884 duo_ec1plus_2019_uk.pdf

  • safety data sheet_eurocol_884 hardener aqua le_uk.pdf

    safety data sheet_eurocol_884 hardener aqua le_uk.pdf

Product Typification

Basis : 2-C PUR- dispersion with icocyanat hardener..
Colour : White, transparent.
Gloss : Mat, silk-mat, glossy.
Consistency : Liquid.

Product advantages:
  • Extremely high-quality, two-component, PUR dispersion-based parquet laquer. 
  • For the extremely abrasion-resistant and extremely hard-wearing, very chemical-resistant sealing of all standard-compliant, fully bonded parquet types.
  • For use in living areas with intensive use and in commercial use with extremely increased mechanical and chemical stress.
  • Stress class C according to ÖNorm C 2354.
  • A full structure without primer is possible in many cases.
  • The lacquer system has a warm tone when fully assembled.
  • With the help of built-in nanotechnology, extremely fast further processing and usability of the sealed surface is guaranteed.The product has an extremely long pot life.
  • The sealed surface can be sanded quickly.
  • For indoor use.
  • The product can be used on underfloor heating.
  • In combination with 873 Aqua Varnish Additive R9 it achieves the slip class R9 according to German BGR 181.
  • Complies with DIN EN 71-3. Safety of toys - migration of certain elements.
  • Very low emission laying material according to EMICODE EC 1 Plus R.
  • Emission tested building product according to DIBt principles. 
  • Declared by baubook, "ecological building product".


Consumption : Spatula approx. 25 - 35 ml/m² (per coat)
Roller: approx. 100 ml/m² (per coat).
Curing : Fully set after 7 days.
Flammability : Non-flammable.
Frost resistance : No.
Passableness : First careful use after 24 hrs.
Special quality : Long potlife. Fast hardening. Can also be used as top coat on Eurocol 869.
Specific weight : hardener: 1,06 g/cm³.
Specific weight : Laquer: 1,05 g/cm³


For the lacquering of parquet and cork.

Working Process

Storage : Store cool and dry in unopened packaging.
Tools : Spatula, microfibre roller
Mixing ratio : 100 : 6
Processing time : Use within 4 hrs. after mixing.*
Waiting time : Application with spatula appr. 20 minutes, applikation with roller appr. 3 hrs.
Shelf Life : 12 Months, in unopened packaging.
Cleaner : Water.
Frost-proof : No.
Remarks : 

Technical information and safety data sheets of other installation products must be considered!
Please pay attention to the batch number. Only use products of the same batch in a coating layer. If multiple products are used, they must be mixed before processing.

When renovating old floors, please consult our application technology department.

For the matt finish on dark woods, apply a maximum of 3 coats of lacquer. The high proportion of matting agent can influence the transparency of the lacquer (milk glass effect).
Before use on unknown wood types, own tests are necessary to prevent colour changes, bleeding or wetting disorders.
Softeners from contacting materials (e.g. chair castors, carpet underlays, felt gliders) can lead to discoloration or softening of the lacquer.
The hardened lacquer layer is extremely resistant to chemicals. However, colouring products (e.g. hair dyes, coloured disinfectants) and products containing softeners (e.g. car tyres, chair castors, carpet underlays, felt glides) can lead to irreparable discolouration of the lacquer layer. When using such products, as well as when using disinfectants, preliminary tests must be carried out on the installation materials to be used.

According to DIN 18356, sealed parquet floors must be maintained at all times. For this, we recommend Eurocol care and cleaning products. Please request separate information and care instructions. Only apply a product used for polymer protection care after
hardening of the lacquer coating. We recommend Eurocol care and cleaning products. 

Not suitable for application on wooden pavement floors.
Do not operate partial mixing.

EMICODE, for further information see

* The mentioned values have been established in our laboratory and must be considered as guidelines in view of possible variations in climatic circumstances, subfloor compositions and layer thickness.

Spatula approx. 25 - 35 ml/m² (per coat)
Roller: approx. 100 ml/m² (per coat).

  • The surfaces to be sealed must be clean and free of residues of oil, wax, silicone and other adhesion-reducing layers.
  • Joints are closed with suitable Eurocol joint sealant. The fine sanding depends on the type of wood. The surface and edge sanding must be levelled out by means of a sanding grid.
  • Use a Eurocol primer with barrier effect (e.g. for exotic woods, smoked oak, etc.) or to minimise absorbency and edge gluing (e.g. upright lamella parquet, parquet on sprung floors or on underfloor heating).
  • In the case of mosaic parquet or solid wood lamparquet products, installed with Eurocol 1-component parquet adhesives, a full construction is generally required.
  • Alternatively in many cases the product can be used as primer and top coat as one.
  • In case of defects, objections are to be reported in writing.

User manual:

Before use, temper the product according to the processing conditions.

  • Stir before use!
  • The hardener LE (component B) has to be added completely to base (component A). Once fully added, stir the mixture for a minimum of 2 minutes until it becomes a homogenous mass. Allow it to react for 10 minutes and briefly shake again
    and homogenize. Add the appropriate lacquer to a mixing container. Use a scraper grid during application.
  • Application to be done with a Eurocol stainless double-sided spatula 27 cm or a new, clean Eurocol Aqua microfiber roller 25 cm.
  • The application to avoid any footprints on the floor.
  • Do not apply more than two roller coats of lacquer in one day.
  • Do not use the product after the end of the pot life. End of pot life ist not recognizable by viscosity change!
  • To achieve uniform surface, apply the lacquer twice cross-wise or a uniform roller application with subsequent top coat application with roller.
  • Eurocol recommends 2-3 roller applications.
  • In the same day, do not apply the product more than twice.
  • Drying time in-between layers is approx. 3 hours but not more than 24 hours.
  • The surface needs to be sanded with an abrasive grid 100 or 120. Remove the dust with an industrial vacuum cleaner.
    Intermediate sanding improves the surface finish. Remove dust remains on the sanded surface.

During the drying process, even ventilation must be ensured. Draughts and direct sunlight must be avoided.

Rare woods, bleached ash, acacia, cherry, exotic woods or smoked oak must be primed with a blocking primer because of possible discolouration or streaking caused by ingredients or the smoking process.

Recommended primers:

Eurocol 883 Europrime Perfect   
Rollable and trowelable, Low side-bonding. High neutrality of the wood tinting. Long wet-on-wet workability (rollability). No visible seams during rolling and filling. 
Eurocol 857 Europrime Block     
Exclusively for rolling. Especially for exotic woods, smoked oak and for renovation work. Pronounced accentuation/wood tinting in woods that are sensitive to this, such as oak, beech, etc.

Working conditions:
Required surrounding temperature: min. 18°C.
Material and subfloor temperature: min. 15°C.
Relative humidity: 35 - 75%, recommended <65%.

To achieve the anti-slip class R9, add the homogenized Eurocol 873 Aqua lacquer additives to the 2k aqua lacquer after its homogenization and before the addition of the hardener and mix well by shaking, then add the hardener and proceed according to the application instructions of the lacquer. The mixture with aqua lacquer must be processed within the pot-life. In this case, the mixture must be shaken regularly to prevent the setting of the structural agent during processing.

When used as a topcoat on Eurocol 869 Eurofinish Oil Wax Duo, the oil must be cured for a minimum of 16 up to a maximum of 48 hours without stickiness, with good ventilation and at normal temperature. Lower temperatures or low air exchange delay the drying time of the oil. Also the use on critical woods, e.g. very resinous woods (see indications in technical data sheet Eurocol 869 Oil Wax Duo), can delay the drying time. In these cases, the intermediate drying time must be extended by approx. 6 hours.

Before applying the varnish, the surface must be rubbed with a green pad and dedusted.

Depending on the frequency of the floor traffic, several varnish applications with an intermediate drying time of at least 3 to maximum 24 hours must be made, but not more than 2 varnish applications per day.

Quality and guarantee

Environment and health

Safety and environment : Safety data sheets of Forbo Eurocol products according to EEG-guideline 91/155. Keep out of reach of children. Do not eat, drink or smoke while processing the product. Only give completely empty containers for recycling. Material residues can be disposed of as household waste.
LEED : VOC 33 g/l, meets - erfüllt: IEQ Credit 4.1
DGNB : VOC 2,8 %, quality level - Qualitätsstufe: 4
Substances causing allergy : Contains 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one. May produce an allergic reaction.


artikelproductnamepackagingshipping unit
884Eurofinish Perfect DuoPE jerrycan à 4,3 l102/pallet
HardenerAqua LEPE bottle à 0,26 kg
36 bottles/box