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Very low emission conductive linoleum adhesive with a high initial grab.

  • 615-ec 1 plus licence uk.pdf

    615-ec 1 plus licence uk.pdf

  • 615-safety data sheet uk.pdf

    615-safety data sheet uk.pdf

  • pdf-product-specification.pdf


Product Typification

Very low emission conductive linoleum adhesive with a high initial grab.
Basis : Superior acrylic dispersion.
Colour : Grey.
Consistency : Thick liquid.

Product advantages:
  • Very low emission 
  • Emicode EC 1 PLUS
  • Non-flammable
  • Easy and safe to apply
  • High initial adhesion strength
  • Favourable spreading capacity
  • Roller-castor-chair resistant
  • Electrical resistance < 3.105 Ohm (EN 13 415)


Consumption : 260 - 300 g/m². 
Curing : 24 hours.*
Electrical resistance : < 3 x 10 exp5 Ohm, measured in accordance with EN 13 415.
Flammability : Non-flammable.
Frost resistance : No.
Special quality : 25% lower consumtion
Specific weight : 1.13 kg/l.



For the conductive installation of:

  • conductive linoleum.

For an optimal conduction apply 615 Eurostar Lino EC in combination with 041 Europrimer EC and 801 Copper strip. Before application read the technical data sheet of 041 Europrimer EC and 801 Copper strip.

Working Process

Storage : Store cool and free from frost.
Tools : Adhesive spreader TKB S2. (is included)
Open time : Approx 10 - 20 minutes.*
Waiting time : None.
Shelf Life : 12 months, in unopened packaging.
Cleaner : Water.
Frost-proof : No.
Remarks : 

Technical information and safety data sheets of any laying materials and floor coverings used must be observed!
Allow floorings to air condition in the rooms before laying. The coverings must be relaxed and laid flat.
During the setting phase, the direct influence of heat/solar radiation, dynamic and point loads must be avoided.
Grouting of the coverings must be carried out the next day at the earliest.

The electrical conductivity is measured after the final setting.

EMICODE, further information at

* The mentioned values have been established in our laboratory and must be considered as guidelines in view of possible variations in climatic circumstances, subfloor compositions and layer thickness.

260 - 300 g/m². 

  • The substrate must be pressure- and tension-resistant, permanently dry, free of cracks and dust, even and free of layers that reduce adhesion.
  • Adhesion-reducing layers, old material residues must be removed by suitable mechanical measures in accordance with the specifications of DIN 18365/BS 8203.
  • For levelling the substrate use recommended Eurocol levelling compounds/primers. On impervious subfloors apply a 2 mm levelling compound layer.
  • For the application of conductive systems, the respective instructions of the floor covering manufacturers must be observed! 
  • If no special requirements are to be made, should the floor be primed with 041 Europrimer EC.
  • Use 1m of 801 Eurostrip EC for each 30 m². Glue the strips into the dried primer/levelling compound.
  • Alternatively, the copper stripe can be applied directly onto the levelling compound. The individual copper strips must be connected
    to each other by means of cross-connection. In this case it is not necessary to apply the 041 Europrimer EC.
  • Grounding should be made by an authorized electrician.
  • The installation materials to be used must be suitable for the substrate and the intended use.
  • In advance always seek our technical data sheets. In doubt about the application ask for technical advice.

User manual:
  • Apply the adhesive with a large-notched adhesive spreader (TKB S2).
  • On absorbent subfloors apply the floor covering directly into the wet adhesive. On low absorbent subfloors keep a waiting time of 10-30 minutes (depending on temperature and relative humidity).
  • Do not double-stick bight marks. Lay bight marks into the wet adhesive as usual. Thereafter roll the floor covering well; first widthwise, then lengthwise.
  • Sheet-ends, possible bight marks and longitudinal joints are to be pressed firmly.
  • On low absorbent subfloors rolling and pressing should be repeated after approx. 15 minutes.
  • Remove fresh adhesive spots immediately with water.

Working conditions:
Required surrounding temperature : 18 - 23 °C.
Temperature for material and subfloor : min. 15° - max. 20 ºC.
Relative humidity : 40 - 80%.

Underfloor heating systems:
615 Eurostar Lino EC can be applied on underfloor heating systems. The startprotocol of the floorheating needs to be completly executed in accordance with the directives of the supplier. Turn off the heater 24 hours before application. Do not heat again until at least 24 hours after installation, in steps of maximum 5 °C water temperature per day.

Contains methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone (3:1) and benzisothiazolinone. May produce an allergic reaction.

Quality and guarantee

Environment and health

Hazard Class : None.
Safety and environment : Safety data sheets of Forbo Eurocol products according to EEG-guideline 91/155. Keep out of reach of children. Do not eat, drink or smoke while processing the product. Only give completely empty containers for recycling. Material residues can be disposed of as household waste.
MSDS : For extensive information about safety and environment we refer to our website
LEED : VOC 0 g/l, meets - erfüllt: IEQ Credit 4.1
DGNB : VOC 0 %, quality level - Qualitätsstufe: 4
Substances causing allergy : Contains 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one, reaction mass of: 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one [EC no. 247-500-7] and 2-methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one [EC no. 220-239-6] (3:1). May produce an allergic reaction.


615Eurostar Lino EC 11 kg Bucket 8 710345 615204