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Linoleum adhesive and frost resistant.

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  • safety data sheet_eurocol_418_lino_polaris_uk.pdf

    safety data sheet_eurocol_418_lino_polaris_uk.pdf

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  • licence_eco product declaration_418 lino-polaris_uk.pdf

    licence_eco product declaration_418 lino-polaris_uk.pdf

Product Typification

Basis : Acrylic dispersion.
Consistency : Thick liquid.

Product advantages:
  • Frost resistant (for wintertime shipments), wet-set adhesive for bonding of linoleum in sheets and corkment underlay.
  • For laying on standard-compliant, fully levelled, absorbent subfloors.
  • Suitable over underfloor heating systems.
  • Castor wheel resistant according to DIN EN 12529.
  • For indoor use only.


Consumption : 400 - 450 g/m².
Curing : Approx 24 hours. *
Flammability : Non-flammable.
Frost resistance : Yes.
Special quality : Frost resistent
Specific weight : 1.40 kg/l


Adhesive for bonding of linoleum in sheets and corkment underlay.

Working Process

Tools : Spreader B1 (TKB). Type of spreader depends on the floor covering.
Open time : 15 - 20 minutes.*
Waiting time : Approx 5 minutes. *
Application temperature : TODO
Curing : Approx 24 hours. *
Storage : Store cool and best free from frost. Frost resistant.
Shelf Life : Approx 12 months, in unopened packaging. After use close the open packaging well.
Cleaner : Water.
Frost-proof : Yes.
Remarks : 

Technical information and safety data sheets of any laying materials and floor coverings used must be observed!
The tendency of linoleum to shrink in length and expand in width as a result of moisture absorption from the air or from the subfloor as well as the absorption of water from the adhesive must be taken into account when cutting the seams.
Should the adhesive freeze in the cold season, it can be thawed slowly. The process takes several hours until the adhesive can be stirred well. Depending on the frost effect also days. The viscosity may increase slightly. First use if completely and easily stirred.

Floor coverings need to be acclimatized in the room in a flat position before installing, otherwise no proper installation can be guaranteed.

Welding the seams should be done once the adhesive has been dry but not sooner than 48 - 72 h after the installation.

Contains flammable solvent. Therefore please assure sufficient air ventilation during installation, especially in rooms with open heat sources, in these type of rooms Eurocol recommends EMICODE EC1 products.
Local relevant norms and regulations have to be respected. Outside Germany relevant national regulations are to be applied which have to be known by the user.

Wear protective gloves / eye protection.

* The mentioned values have been established in our laboratory and must be considered as guidelines in view of possible variations in climatic circumstances, subfloor compositions and layer thickness.

400 - 450 g/m².

  • The substrate must be pressure- and tension-resistant, permanently dry, free of cracks and dust, even and free of layers that reduce adhesion.
  • Adhesion-reducing layers, old material residues must be removed by suitable mechanical measures in accordance with the specifications of DIN 18365.
  • For levelling the substrate use recommended Eurocol levelling compounds/primers.
  • The installation materials to be used must be suitable for the substrate and the intended use.

User manual:
  • Before use, temper the product according to the processing conditions.
  • Stir before use!
  • Depending on the type of flooring, apply the adhesive with a notched trowel to the subfloor over the entire surface and evenly without adhesive nests. The back of the flooring must be completely wetted with adhesive in scored format. Worn-out spatulas need to be replaced in time to guarantee the minimum adhesive consumption.
  • Coverings must be laid in the adhesive bed which is still wet.
  • The necessary flash-off time depends on the amount of adhesive (toothed strip), temperature, humidity and the absorbency of the subfloor.
    When finger-testing, the adhesive must have a soft centre, must be tacky, pull threads, but must not smear.
  • In the case of stove bars, the adhesive must be applied to the back of the covering with a smooth spatula (contact bonding) before the covering is placed in the adhesive bed.
  • Depending on the room climate and the absorbency of the substrate, the air-conditioned covering should be pushed into the adhesive bed immediately or after the flash-off time specified in the technical data, rubbed in and rolled on. Air pockets under the covering must be avoided or removed immediately.
  • Head ends and non-flat covering edges must always be rolled in.
  • If necessary, rub or roll the top ends, stove bars, seams or other hollow areas again approx. 15 minutes after installation.

Working conditions: 

At least 15 °C floor temperature,
at least 18°C material and room temperature,
35-65% relative humidity.

Quality and guarantee

Environment and health

LEED : VOC 54,6 g/l
DGNB : VOC 4,2 %
Safety and environment : Safety data sheets of Forbo Eurocol products according to EEG-guideline 91/155. Keep out of reach of children. Do not eat, drink or smoke while processing the product. Only give completely empty containers for recycling. Material residues can be disposed of as household waste.
MSDS : Available on request.
Substances causing allergy : Contains reaction mass of: 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one [EC no. 247-500-7] and 2- methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one [EC no. 220-239-6] (3:1), 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one. May produce an allergic reaction.


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