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Powder pigment to create decorative floor screeds. Suited for indoor applications, e.g. in offices, living rooms/bedrooms, hobby rooms etc. Not suited for wooden floors.

  • 390-safety data sheet uk.pdf

    390-safety data sheet uk.pdf

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Product Typification

Powder pigment to create decorative floor screeds. Suited for indoor applications, e.g. in offices, living rooms/bedrooms, hobby rooms etc. Not suited for wooden floors.
Basis : Inorganic pigment powder.
Colour : White, Soft Black and Brown.
Consistency : Powder.

Product advantages:
  • Easy to mix
  • Ready to use
  • To be used in combination with a pump or manually


390 FloorColouring is available in 3 colours:

White (1 jar 390):

White (2 jars 390):

White (3 jars 390):

Soft Black (1 jar 390):

Soft Black (2 jars 390):

Soft Black (3 jars 390):

Brown (1 jar 390):

Brown (2 jars 390):

Brown (3 jars 390):


Flammability : Non-flammable.
Passableness : After approx 3 hours at 18 - 20 °C.*


Powder pigment as an additional product in combination with 990 Europlan Direct or 920 Europlan Alphy. Suited for manual processing and by pump. Always consult the pump supplier first to check that the pump is suited for all types of floor levelling. Pumps that have too high a mixing speed may result in an insufficient flow of the levelling compound.

Working Process

Mixing ratio : Maximum 3 230g jars to 1 23kg bag of levelling compound.
Storage : Store in a cool and dry place.
Shelf Life : 12 months in unopened packaging.
Cleaner : Water.
Sensitive to frost : No.
Remarks : 

Technical information and safety data sheets of other installation materials used must be observed!
Apply a Eurocol Surface Finish to the filled surface within the next few days!
On floating dry screed elements or wood-based panels, the suitability of the levelling compound used must be observed.

When using as FloorDesign flooring, please observe the Eurocol reference document RD_001 "Mineral levelling floors".

* The mentioned values have been established in our laboratory and must be considered as guidelines in view of possible variations in climatic circumstances, subfloor compositions and layer thickness.


Processing conditions and subfloor:

  • See the product information sheets of the approved Eurocol levelling compounds.

User manual:
  • For the best possible result, we advise to work with at least 2 people. This allows you to mix several packs and apply them to the floor in quick succession.
  • Fill the mixing container with 5.5-6 litres of cool and clean tap water and add the levelling compound. Mechanically mix the compound with a Eurocol 855 mixing rod for at least 1 minute (at least 1,000 revs per minute) until a smooth and lump-free mix is obtained.
  • Then add the powder pigment (max. 3 230g jars) to the compound and mechanically mix everything for at least 1 minute, until it has all been thoroughly mixed.
  • In between mixing, move a spatula along the inside of the mixing container to properly mix the levelling compound and the pigment.
  • Set aside the compound for approx. 3 minutes and then briefly stir it, at a low rev count.
  • The compound must then be processed within 20 minutes. Apply the levelling compound in small portion randomly across the floor to avoid repetitive patterns or stripes.
  • Spread the compound with the trowel, making random strokes to create the desired (concrete look) effect. Always let the different containers of levelling compound mix wet on wet.
  • Apply the compound in a minimum thickness of 3mm.
  • When pumping the powder pigment add to the dry compound (max. 3 230g jars per 23kg of levelling compound) and set the mixing unit to allow for the required amount of water to be added.
  • Layers of levelling compound recently applied must be protected against draught and direct sunlight.
  • In normal circumstances, the applied layer of levelling compound can be walked on after 2-3 hours. Always wear shoe covers.
  • At a layer thickness of approx. 3-4 mm and a temperature of 15 - 20 °C the floor screed is ready to be finished with 301 BaseSealer and 311 Topcoat paint system after at least 24 hours. For this, see the relevant product information sheets.
  • For detailed information about these safety measures please refer to the safety information sheet on our website

Underfloor heating constructions:

390 FloorColouring can be used on underfloor heating constructions. The start-up protocol of the underfloor heating must first have been performed entirely in accordance with supplier guidelines. Switch off the heating one day before application; switch back on at least 24 hours after applying levelling, in steps of 5 °C water temperature maximum per day.

Environment and health

Safety and environment : Safety data sheets of Forbo Eurocol products according to EEG-guideline 91/155.
Safety and environment : Wear protective gloves and glasses!
MSDS : Available upon request.


 Article  DefenitionPackagingEAN-code
390FloorColouring   Box containing 18 jars of 230 gram.  

 White8 710345 390118  

   Soft Black8 710345 390217  

   Brown8 710345 390316