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Universal Primer under levelling compound and parquet adhesives, high end, universal, ready to use, very high water resistance and blocks plasticizer migration.

  • safety data sheet_eurocol_048_europrimer_plus_uk.pdf

    safety data sheet_eurocol_048_europrimer_plus_uk.pdf

  • pdf-product-specification.pdf


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    048-plus_licence emicode ec1plus_2020_uk.pdf

Product Typification

Colour : Lightblue.
Consistency : Thin liquid.

Product advantages:
  • High-end, ready-to-use dispersion primer for absorbent and non-absorbent cement- and calcium sulphate- (gypsum) based subfloors (screed), gypsum-based floor boards, wooden composites, stone, ceramic and mastic asphalt.
  • Ideal before levelling works to ensure overall equal absorbency, to bind dust and to cover old adhesive residues according to data sheet.
  • Applicable before adhesive works with suitable reactive or plasticizer containing, one- or two-component adhesives.
  • The product can be used on underfloor heating surface.
  • For indoor use only.
  • Very low VOC emission EMICODE EC 1 Plus.


Consumption : depending on absorbency, evenness of the substrate approx. 80 - 90 g/m².
Frost resistance : No.


  • as a dust-binding primer on absorbent surfaces,
  • as adhesion promoter on dense substrates before filling or gluing work.

Working Process

Storage : Store cool and free from frost.
Drying : Approx 3 - 4 hrs. (sticky free surface). *
Shelf Life : 15 months, in unopened packaging.
Cleaner : Water.
Frost-proof : No.
Remarks : 

Relevant norms and regulations are to be respected. Please pay attention to the technical and safety data sheets. Attention must be taken to ensure a sufficiently thick leveling under the floor covering/parquet. The primer cannot be used on Stonewood floors and magnesia floors, terrazzo, stone floors, natural stone and on dense subfloors in combination with gypsum-based levelling compound. In case of mastic asphalt screeds (DIN 18354 /EN 13813), the maximum layer thickness of levelling work on shall be taken from the respective data sheets of the levelling compound. Levelling works with approved mineral-based Eurocol levelling-compound can be used up to a maximum 10 mm layer thickness.

EMICODE, more informations

* The mentioned values have been established in our laboratory and must be considered as guidelines in view of possible variations in climatic circumstances, subfloor compositions and layer thickness.

depending on absorbency, evenness of the substrate approx. 80 - 90 g/m².

  • The substrate must be pressure- and tension-resistant, permanently dry, free of cracks and dust, even and free of layers that reduce adhesion.
  • Adhesion-reducing layers, old material residues must be removed by suitable mechanical measures in accordance with the specifications of DIN 18365/DIN 18356.
  • Old fixed floors, such as ceramic tiles, terrazzo, stone floors, must be thoroughly cleaned and sanded matt after drying.
  • Cracks or joints (except structural expansion joints) are to be closed with Eurocol Europlan 913 Silicate sealing compound.
  • In case of defects, objections are to be reported in writing.

User manual:
  • Allow the primer to reach room temperature before application.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Apply evenly without puddles to the professionally prepared substrate.
  • The drying time depends on the quantity applied as well as on the room temperature and humidity, and the further use of the material. Always allow the applied primer to dry thoroughly.

Levelling work:
Once the primer is completely dry, it can be levelled with Eurocol levelling compound suitable for the substrate and adapted to the subsequent use. Filling work must be carried out within 3 days. For dense, non
absorbent substrates (such as wood-based panels, cleaned stone and ceramic floors and mastic asphalt) should only be used in combination with Eurocol cementitious levelling compounds.

Parquet gluing:
After the primer has dried through, parquet flooring conforming to standards can be glued directly onto the primer in combination with Eurocol 1-component or 2-component reaction adhesives.

Processing conditions:

at least 15 °C floor temperature,
at least 18°C material and room temperature,
35-75% relative humidity, recommended <65%.

Quality and guarantee

Environment and health

Hazard Class : None.
Safety and environment : Safety data sheets of Forbo Eurocol products according to EEG-guideline 91/155. Keep out of reach of children. Do not eat, drink or smoke while processing the product. Only give completely empty containers for recycling. Material residues can be disposed of as household waste.
LEED : VOC 0 g/l, meets - erfüllt: IEQ Credit 4.1
DGNB : VOC 0 %, quality level - Qualitätsstufe: 4


artikelproductnamepackagingshipping unit
048Europrimer PlusPE jerry can à 12,2 kg60/pallet
048Europrimer PlusPE jerry can à 2,3 kg