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910 Europlan PU Duo

Two-component PU-based levelling compound
- self-levelling top- and underlay coat
- highly durable, for indoor and dry outdoor application
- gray
- system component for BetonDesign

Self-flowing, flexible, highly durable hardening, two-component PU-based compound, applicable both as top coating or for levelling works before subsequent installation works.
High load bearing, therefore ideal for industrial applications where high traffic is to be expected (fork-lift wheel resistant).
Hardens to a hard elastic compound, therefore also ideal for deformable floor constructions such as sports floors and suspended floor installations.
Ideal for levelling, thoroughly glued down old resilient and wooden floor coverings (rubber, vinyl, parquet) before subsequent works (renovation without floor replacement). For installation works on rubber-granulate underlay mats, suitable as self levelling compound before installation of resilient floor coverings and wooden floor after fine sanding and only with recommended adhesives.
Can be used to fill joints and to level mastic asphalt. Also can be used as top coat or as filling primer on mastic asphalt and also on metal sheets.
Recommended for preparation of subfloor under BetonDesign (ConcreteDesign).

Unit size: 4,86 kg combi (A+B), 9,72 kg combi (A+B)
Shipping unit: 48/pallet (9,72 kg), 60/pallet (4,256 kg)
Consumption: approx. 1,3 kg/m²/mm
Processing time: approx. 40 min.
Hardening time: 6 - 8 hrs.

910 Europlan PU Duo


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