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522 Eurosafe Tack

One sided pressure sensitive adhesive
- for installation of floor-, wall- coverings and ceiling
- wet set and one-side pressure sensitive adhesive
- thermally activated bonding, contact adhesive
- PVC, vinyl 

Provides very high initial tack, strong, dispersion-based adhesive for wet-set, one-side-pressure sensitive and contact bonding of  vinyl-, CV- floor coverings in sheets, insulation mats on standard absorbent subfloors (wet-set bonding) and on non-absorbent subfloors like old vinyl floor coverings (one-side-pressure sensitive bonding) in combination with 900 Europlan DSP as membrane for migration of plasticizers out of old floors.
Can also be used for wall covering installation.
Can be used as contact adhesive (e.g. for heavy wall coverings, impact wall coverings in sports facilities).
Can be thermally activated after drying.
Suitable over underfloor heating systems and castor wheel resistant according to DIN EN 12529.
For indoor use only.

For wintertime shipments, frost-resistant equivalent:
578 Eurosafe Polaris Uni

Unit size: 13 kg
Shipping unit: 44/pallet
Consumption/Application: 250 - 300 g/m² notched trowel A1-A2
Installation time: up to approx. 90 min.

522 Eurosafe Tack


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