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523 Eurostar Tack EC

conductive tackifier for PVC and textile | Very high-quality | light-coloured | conductive wet-set adhesive | very fast applicable | very high final strenght

To be applied on electrically conductive PVC and textiles on standard absorbent subfloors which have been previously primed with 041 Europrimer EC and/or equip-ped with 801 Eurostrip EC copper tape. Suitable over underfloor heating systems and is castor wheel resistant according to DIN EN 12529 requirements as well as shampoo resistant according to RAL 991A2.
For indoor use only.
Very low VOC emission. EMICODE EC 1 Plus, GISCODE D 1.

523 eurostar tack ec_357x268

Technical Details

Unit:12 kg
Shipping Unit:44 / pallet
Consumption:approx. 250 - 400 g/m²
Application:notched trowel S1/S2
Installation time:approx. 10 - 15 min.


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    Technical information

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    Safety data sheet

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